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In Donnybrook, Dublin 4 yesterday


Cathal MacCoille tweetz:

Road information sign for cyclists, for a change, on the Navan Road, Dublin. Safer 🚲routes would help even more.

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Top pic: Dublin Blockers

On the Finglas Road, Dublin

As a pedestrian, I am interested in the debate concerning cyclists who do not feel safe while cycling on the road. Following a few recent near-misses with cyclists and skateboarders on local footpaths, I now feel anything but safe while out walking. Maybe a solution would be “pedestrian only” lanes on footpaths? Or should pedestrians consider wearing crash helmets?

Anne Cahill,
Dublin 22.

Pedestrian safety (Irish Times letters page)

Pic and related: Footpaths are for cyclists when it suits Dublin’s councils (Irish Cycle, 2011) 


Sign on a cycle lane in Phoenix Park last year

Further to Michael Cullen’s letter, in which he recounts seeing seven people breaking the law within 10 minutes, it should be a record, but is probably not.

Cycling on the footpath is not subject to a fixed-charge notice (on-the-spot fine), but it is against the law and is subject to a fine of up to €1,000, and possible imprisonment for three offences within 12 months.

This law should be enforced because cyclists do not have third-party insurance. If knocked down and injured by a cyclist, a pedestrian would be unlikely to obtain compensation.

Michael Regan,
Dublin 4.

Cyclists and footpaths (Irish Times letters page)