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This afternoon.

At Dublin2Bikes, a bicycle shop at Erne Street Upper, Dublin 2.

Cycling activists handed Transport Minister Shane Ross 40 flowers to symbolise the 40 cyclists who have died on Irish roads during the tenure of the past three ministers — Leo Varadkar, Paschal Donohoe and Mr Ross.

Mr Ross was at the shop to launch a Dublin Bus driver-training aid.

To wit:

Right so.


Prioritising deaths of people cycling on Irish roads (Cian Ginty, Irish Cycle)

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This morning.

Outside the offices of Dublin City Council on Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

Cyclists held a ‘die-in’ demonstration following the death of Neeraj Jain (top) who was cycling to work last Friday morning when his bike collided with a cement mixer at the back of the building site of the National Children’s Hospital.

Mr Jain, from Faridabad, India, moved to Ireland in 2018 to pursue a Masters degree in Engineering in UCD and was working with Deloitte in Dublin.


Table from I Bike Dublin

I Bike Dublin has announced that it will hold a second ‘die-in’ demonstration outside Leinster House at 1pm tomorrow.

They write:

During the tenure of our last three Transport Ministers – Leo Varadkar, Paschal Donohoe and Shane Ross – 85 people have been killed while cycling on Ireland’s roads.

Mr Neeraj Jain, who was killed in Kilmainham last Friday, is the 39th person to die while cycling since the formation of the current government.

Fine Gael are the only party in Dáil Éireann who objected to a motion calling on the level of investment in cycling and walking to reach 20% of all capital spend on land transport.

Despite the Citizens’ Assembly and the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Change also recommending this level of investment, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe and his colleagues have rejected these recommendations and continued to spin minuscule investments as something to be celebrated while, at the same time, announcing billions of euro in funding for new roads.

Leo Varadkar’s government, with their conservative 20th century car-first approach, are balancing the transport budget with the lives of people who will die cycling.

Minister Ross, who takes years to get a line of text brought into law has long lost the respect of people who cycle.

His penchant for photo ops is matched only by his penchant for avoiding eye contact with those to whom he has made past promises.

The minister has also been unwavering in his support of the Road Safety Authority, who have embarked on a multi-year campaign of victim-blaming, embodied by their fetishisation of high visibility vests.

We call on the government to:

– Immediately allocate 20% of the Land Transport Budget towards active travel (walking and cycling) and prioritise the implementation of the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan.

– Increase funding of An Garda Síochána coupled with zero-tolerance enforcement of illegal use of cycle lanes, bus lanes and bus corridors.

– Introduce mandatory regulations for HGVs in urban areas to ensure maximum visibility from the driver position.

– Immediately introduce a €500 e-bike grant for all Irish residents regardless of income.

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Simon Judge tweetz:

Sick and tired of near misses from reckless taxi drivers in #Dublin – this guy came within a whisker of hitting me on Nassau St then got super aggressive when I called him on it at the next red light.



Free the lanes.

In Donnybrook, Dublin 4 yesterday


Cathal MacCoille tweetz:

Road information sign for cyclists, for a change, on the Navan Road, Dublin. Safer 🚲routes would help even more.

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Top pic: Dublin Blockers


On Twitter.

Requests were made by gardaí, via their Twitter account, for the videos above to be removed from Twitter.

The videos contain footage taken by cyclists.

The requests prompted some on Twitter to ask the gardai what law was being broken by the posters…


Gardaí fears over dangerous driving videos ‘have no basis’ (Catherine Sanz, The Times Ireland edition)




It’s Satchelman!



This morning.


Cyclist passes a traffic light

Aaron Rogan, in The Times Ireland edition, reports:

An “expert” with the Road Safety Authority claimed that cyclists were a “law unto themselves” and had a “complete disregard for the rules of the road” in the first draft of a controversial newspaper article that prompted a backlash when it referred to the increasing number of bike users as “swarming masses”.

The reference was removed by the RSA before the article was submitted for publication along with a claim that cyclists had developed a “majority-rules mindset” and were “battling it out for first place in the cycle lane, or as some call it, the ‘psycho’ lane”.

The toning down of the article, published in the Irish Independent’s motoring section under the byline “RSA expert”, was revealed in documents released to The Times under the Freedom of Information Act.

RSA expert’s ‘anti-cyclist’ piece toned down (Aaron Rogan, The Times Ireland edition)


From left: Assistant Garda Commissioner David Sheahan, Minister for Transport  Shane Ross and RSA Chief Executive Moyagh Murdock launching a proposal to make it an offence to pass a cyclist closer than 1.5m on roads with 50kph limit or higher

Mr Ross said it had proved exceptionally difficult to draft legislation on a minimum passing distance that was constitutional and that could be enforced, and as a result the Bill would not proceed.

It is understood the Attorney General’s concerns centred on how the 1m and 1.5m distance could be measured for enforcement purposes.

He spoke too soon.


Suit yourselves.

New law on drivers overtaking cyclists abandoned (Irish Times)