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Talking Heads: Detached Together.

A mini-documentary on the lockdown by Luke McKenna.

Featuring contributions from comedians Joe Rooney (top) and Norma Sheahan.

Luke writes:

Taking Heads explores how lockdown has affected us all, no matter what our walk of life and whether we are at home or abroad. Shot in Ireland, the UK, USA, Poland and Australia. It features English and Irish language….

In fairness.

‘The Naked City’.

Possibly NSFW.

Eamonn Farrell writes:

While cocooned with Coronavirus I have devised an outdoor exhibition in Dublin, using boarded up premises and advertising billboards as my digital canvas.

I have named this show ‘ The Naked City ‘ as Dublin is now a sad, lonely and empty space. It is of course a ‘virtual exhibition’.

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

Two Metre Portraits.

Ashort film dedicated to Ireland’s Frontline Workers by Cinematographer/Musician Stephen Flynn and Designer Simon Kingston of Dublin-based Reverb Design.

Stephen writes:

“As someone in the high risk category, I’m familiar with the incredible work our healthcare workers do on a daily basis. I owed them a great deal of gratitude before this pandemic started. Now, we all owe it to them.

As creatives in a decimate industry, we wanted to use our skills to create something that shows our appreciation to frontline workers across the country, Thank You.”

In fairness.

Stephen Flynn


By Adam Brennan and Colin Fleming

Made during and about the Covid-19 lockdown, Devolved is ‘the worlds first Zoom and Whatsapp directed film’.

In fairness.

Thanks Gorugeen Fingletons


An Irish father and son ‘alone together’.

Actor and director John O Dowd (top left) writes:

We are a group of Irish individuals on lockdown in Galway City, London, Buckinghamshire, Spiddal and Tenerife.

Together we have produced ‘Coronamona’, an online series using recorded Zoom calls between Seamus, a frontline health worker in the NHS in London and his Father Martin, cocooning in Connemara.

Written by Conor Montague, Seamus is played by myself. Martin is played by Peader O Treasaigh (top right), who for decades has been a stalwart of Irish language theatre, fillm and TV. This is his very first project in the English language.

We have just released episode 2 (above). We have generated over 1100 views on YouTube for episode one from just our own Facebook family and friends. It can be viewed here

This about a health service, understaffed and not adequately protected, it’s workers operating at great risk to their own health. The vulnerability of older people in lockdown. The requirement for connectiveness in a time of uncertainty. The healing power of storytelling.

In fairness.

Vagabond Productions


And when this ends we will emerge, shyly
and then all at once, dazed, longhaired as we embrace
loved ones the shadow spared, and weep for those
it gathered in its shroud. A kind of rapture, this longed-for
laying on of hands, high cries as we nuzzle, leaning in
to kiss, and whisper that now things will be different,
although a time will come when we’ll forget
the curve’s approaching wave, the hiss and sigh
of ventilators, the crowded, makeshift morgues;
a time when we may even miss the old-world
arm’s-length courtesy, small kindnesses left on doorsteps,
the drifting, idle days, and nights when we flung open
all the windows to arias in the darkness, our voices
reaching out, holding each other till this passes.

John O’Donnell

Videographer Colm McElwee writes:

This poem by barrister, poet and author John O’Donnell featured in The Irish Times on April. I think it captures a lot of the contradictory, painful and hopeful feelings people are having through the lock down.

I thought the poem might go well with some music so I put something together (above) for it. John has kindly given me permission to share….

Carlow Digital


‘Love Lockdown’.

By Colin Brady, who writes:

I’m a Dublin based Director and in my boredom I decided to break the golden rule and work with animals.

Here is a documentary featuring my dog couple Fia (top left) & Alfie (top right) during lockdown. It’s about how they are dealing with the stress and pressures that living in lockdown has brought on their relationship. Online donations are being made to a charity A Dog’s Life.

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