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Ciarán Ferrie tweeted:

I cycled through Ranelagh about an hour and a half ago and there were 9 vehicles parked on the cyclelane including a taxi driver, a @DHLExpressIre van, a @JoysFlowers118 van, a @TescoIrl van and a @Postvox van. Where’s the enforcement @GardaTraffic @DCCTraffic? #freethecyclelanes




Yesterday: Ourselves A Lane

This morning.

On Camden Street in Dublin 2.

Cyclists and supporters of I Bike Dublin stand by a dedicated cycle lane as a means to prevent people from parking or driving their cars in the lane.


RTÉ’s Philip Boucher Hayes from the lane stream media LIVE on Camden Street reporting for CycleDrivetime.

Pics: I Bike Dublin and Stíofáin MacLochlainn

I BIKE Dublin tweetz:

So we took An Garda Siochana’s yearly performance for issuing fines for parking illegally in cycling lanes over a full year (in the full country) and our community worked to beat that figure in one week on their daily commutes. Above are the provisional results. #freethecyclelanes

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