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Yesterday: Ourselves A Lane

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14 thoughts on “Stay In Your Lane

  1. Bort

    What do the bike on the road markings mean? On Bird avenue they have widened the footpath on both sides of the road? Why not enough room for a bike to pass on the inside of a car, the road space now so narrow???
    Why? To stop cars parking? They would have easily enough room to make a cycle lane. A road used by thousands cycling to work and UCD every day?,+Dublin/@53.3052269,-6.2444868,3a,75y,282.86h,67.97t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sa5dyKduTt6hwEoFUK7ZATg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x4867094f0693ae59:0x21cc04bce22bc148!8m2!3d53.3051939!4d-6.2416823

    What are doing on Clonskeagh road? looks like they’re widening the footpath again. “Bike lane” here into town is almost redundant due to all the bus traffic. It’s a joke

    1. Frank

      I cycle Bird avenue to UCD and cannot understand why there is no provision for cyclists. The whole road was closed for months while it was recently resurfaced and ‘modernised’.
      The footpath on both sides of the road is 10 foot wide in places but zero provision for cyclists.
      I just assumed they had made it easier for parishioners to Bird avenue church to park wherever they like on Sundays. As all christians seem to be able to take Sunday off being a good christian and park their cars anywhere they please in the vicinity of a church

    1. postmanpat

      Its a false flag . It was a car disguised as a bicycle. Its the deep state trying to keep us at each others throats and distract from the real enemy: The saucer people led by the Ayn Rand order of reverse vampires.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    ‘Meet outside Fruitworld’.

    Lol. Assuming everyone knows what/where that is.
    Mind the banana skins.

  3. Kevin Quinn

    Yes, it’s a bad design.

    In the video, though, there are lots of cars who drive through the cycle lane, but no actual cyclists. (The person making the video is not on a bike either, they appear to be on a bus.) So no one has actually been inconvenienced. I am a cyclist, and I don’t care if drivers use the cycle lane, or the bus lane, when a bike or bus are not there. What is it to me? In fact, it’s just efficient use of road space.

    Sadly, there is a militant and very shrill cyclist lobby, that seems to get disproportionate space on Broadsheet, for whom the principle of annoying drivers as a matter of public policy is more important than the reality that we all have to share the road.

    Lookit, guys, it’s a free country. We cyclists are free to cycle, and we drivers are free to drive (I drive when it’s raining) and neither of us have the moral high ground. Live and let live! Drivers, what’s it to you if cyclists go through red lights when it is safe to do so? They’re not harming anyone. Cyclists, what’s it to you if drivers use the bus lane when there are no bikes there? They’re not harming anyone. Cyclists, stop deliberately obstructing drivers ‘on principle’ – yeah, you know who you are. Drivers, stop scaring the shit out of – and even endangering the lives of – cyclists by driving too close to them.

    In the immortal words of Ari Gold, Hug it out, bitches!

    1. b diddy

      Have you considered that there are no actual cyclists because they’re too smart/scared to use the piece of poo infrastructure? If the cycle track was built to a high standard, and part of a proper network, there would be cyclists of all ages and abilities out and about.

  4. Joe

    Bird Ave, typical inept design by idiot traffic engineers. About time motorists reclaimed the road and parked everywhere along Bird Ave for a few hours daily every day ( leaving a safe lane for cyclists) until full access car parking was restored. Direct action must be taken to eliminate the anti motorist road mis-engineering by the overpaid clowns in the council

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