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Shake_2_Jaz Shake_12_Lil-Bub Shake_9_Binx Shake_3_Lorax

Some of the 61 rescue cats caught derping it up (after a vet-administered dose of ear medicine) by photographer Carli Davidson (she of 2013’s Shake Dogs and last year’s Shake Puppies)

Also available as a book.



Ann Lawless, Brid Leahy and Amanda Rushton

The fupp?

This afternoon.

Members of ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network) bearing effigies of  dead ‘foxes’ outside Barnardos Furriers, Henry Street, Dublin. The activists are targetting consumers in an anti-fur protest.


(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

Flora Davis creates jewelry out of fur groomed from her cat, a flame-point Ragamuffin called Gaia who sheds mounds of fluffy hair each week. She then sells her fluffy creations on Etsy.

So far, Davis has created a range of different necklace designs, a little cage featuring a number of cat-hair baubles that’s “informal and goes nicely with a T-shirt and jeans,” a piece called Bubbles that features a range of fur balls attached to a branchlike necklace that “would be appropriate at any gala event,” and some more classic necklaces which look a little like chunky pearl necklaces.

Prices start at $95, rising to $280.

Jewelry Made From Cat Fur Now Exists. Thanks, Internet (Underwire)