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Paperbridge by environmental artist Steve Messam: a free standing arch (no glue or fixings, just gravity and friction) spanning a stream at Grisedale Valley in Cumbria.

Constructed from 22,000 sheets of bright red paper, the ‘bridge’ weighs over 4.2 tonnes. Messam sez of it:

Paper is a simple material made from wood pulp and water. The intensity of colour used in the bridge contrasts with the verdant landscape making a bold statement of form and design. Alongside this the materials used have a resonance with the natural environment and the construction of the bridge also reflects local architectural forms, specifically pack horse bridges found throughout the area. All of the paper used in PaperBridge will be recovered and returned to the Burneside Mill for recycling into new paper once the project ends. This transparent cycle is part of the overall environmental narrative of the piece.