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But the case is now settled and in a statement read to the court the former Unicef ambassador acknowledges that Dave Kavanagh was a good and loyal friend to Gerry Ryan and that she never intended to suggest that he behaved in any way inappropriately on the day before the death of the broadcaster. The book is due back on the shelves of shops tomorrow but it will now come with a clarifications slip inside the cover to reflect the legal settlement today.


Gerry Ryan Memoir Book To Go Back On Sale (Newstalk.ie)

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“It was clear that all the pressure was getting to be too much. The banks were also constantly phoning him and his accountant. The demands from Revenue were also becoming more threatening. Gerry needed money fast,” Melanie Verwoerd relates in her memoir When We Dance, which was due to be published last week.

“I had nothing left, having paid for most of his living expenses, as well as loaning him money so that he could meet his obligations, for months.”

…By now, Gerry Ryan began contacting friends and acquaintances seeking loans. “One came through with a smallish amount but the rest said no,” says Melanie


Book Reveals A Gerry That The Public Didn’t Know (Liam Collins, Sunday Independent)

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‘When We Dance’ Melanie Verwoard’s book about her relationship with Gerry Ryan being removed from Chapters bookshop, Parnell Street, Dublin, within the last hour.

Meanwhile , at the High Court:

Melanie Verwoerd’s book was due to go on sale today, but the publishers have agreed to a delay pending the court action. Mr [Dave] Kavanagh, who was a friend of the broadcaster, claims the book contains defamatory statements.

Publication Of Gerry Ryan Book Delayed Pending Court Action (RTE)

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“The charity also confirmed that actor Liam Neeson has decided not to undertake a trip to Mozambique with the charity, because of his dissatisfaction of the dismissal. Nor will Vanessa Redgrave take part in a benefit for UNICEF, planned for the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin in September.”

UNICEF Defends Dismissal Of Verwoerd (RTE)

What say you, UNICEF Ireland Ambassador Ryan Tubridy?

Earlier: UNICEF Spend 2k A Day To Handle Sacking Crisis

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