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“As our community standards explain, we don’t allow nude images of children on Facebook. But we know this a culturally significant image. Therefore, we’re restoring the posts we removed.”

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Houses of the Holy?


A report for the United Nations cultural body, Unesco, has called for a halt to a proposed £100m golf resort close to the Giant’s Causeway. It said the planned Runkerry development would have an adverse impact on the world heritage site.

Unesco has published extracts of the report compiled after a visit to the Antrim site in February.

The report, carried out for Unesco by one of its advisory bodies, states that the planned resort – 550 metres outside the boundary of the Causeway site in north Antrim – would “create an irreversible change of landscape character” in a protected area of outstanding natural beauty.


Giant’s Causeway resort row: Unesco report calls for halt (Julian O’Neill, BBC News NI)

Pic: Dave Mitchell


“One of the exhibits in the Giants’ Causeway Visitors’ Centre interpretation tells the story of the part the Giants’ Causeway played in the debate about how the Earth’s rocks were formed and the age of the Earth…In this exhibition we also acknowledge that for some people, this debate continues today and we reflect and respect the fact that creationists today have a different perspective on the age of the Earth from that of mainstream science.”


Causeway Centre Gives Creationist View (UTV)

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At the Giant’s Causeway, Co Antrim.

By Martin McKenna, who sez:

The aurora we saw was sublime!, the best I have seen here since 2005 with vertical green pillars of light some 60 degrees high accompanied by amazing pulsating/flaming motions like the beating of a heart which was jaw dropping. We could even see the beams reflecting on the ocean forming their own glitter paths – what a night!! Canon 450D, 18mm, ISO1600

And nearby Ballintoy Harbour:

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