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Hacker Guccifer has apparently hacked into six email accounts operated by the family of George W. Bush, publishing many of his finds online including the former president’s attempts at painting, pictures of which he emailed to his sister two months ago.

The undoubted highlight (above) is Dubya’s study of himself taking a bath.

Hacker Exposes Bush Family Emails, Photos, and George W. Bush’s Amazing Self-Portraits (Gawker)

Sorry, did you have plans?

The DDOS campaign is expected to target the world’s 13 domain name servers (DNSs), that allow the public to use the internet by translating human legible text-string URLs into machine-readable IP addresses.  If the attack indeed materializes and if the DNS servers are all taken down, the Mayan apocalypse could come early — the internet could blink offline.

According to Operation Global Blackout

By cutting these off the Internet, nobody will be able to perform a domain name lookup, thus, disabling the HTTP Internet, which is, after all, the most widely used function of the Web. Anybody entering “http://www.google.com” or ANY other url, will get an error page, thus, they will think the Internet is down, which is, close enough. Remember, this is a protest, we are not trying to ‘kill’ the Internet, we are only temporarily shutting it down where it hurts the most.

Right so. Good luck with that.

Anonymous Supposedly Plans to “Kill” the Internet on March 31 (DailyTech)


Oh Anonymous, now you’re for it…

NATO leaders have been warned that Wikileaks-loving ‘hacktivist’ collective Anonymous could pose a threat to member states’ security, following recent attacks on the US Chamber of Commerce and defence contractor HBGary – and promise to ‘persecute’ its members.

In a toughly-worded draft report to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, General Rapporteur Lord Jopling claims that the loose-knit, leaderless group is “becoming more and more sophisticated”, and “could potentially hack into sensitive government, military, and corporate files”.

NATO report threatens to ‘persecute’ Anonymous (Thinq)

The NATO Draft Report