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chrisScreen Shot 2013-05-12 at 21.06.15It’s a sad day as ‘Uncle Chris’ Commander Hadfield leaves orbit after the successful completion of his mission [which involved photographing Ireland during downtime] on the International Space Station.

As a tribute, Dave MacLean has put together an interactive map of all photos taken by Chris of the auld sod.

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His daughter studies in Dublin, don’t you know?

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Hat tip Dara O’Briain

UPDATE: Uncle Chris goes out on a song…


(Hat tip: Rachel Wynne)



Another dispatch in our ongoing love affair with Commander Chris ‘Uncle Chris’ Hadfield, wherein he explains how he takes his photos of planet Earth.

Added bonus – a photo of the moon ushering in the dawn over the US.

His daughter lives in Dublin, don’t you know.



Commander Chris Hadfield, whose daughter studies in Dublin, celebrates the day that’s in it in at the International Space Station.

He loves us.

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Commander Hadfield

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 13.10.53

Cut out and keep.

Shane Gavin writes:

Today’s portrait is Commander Chris Hadfield, in honour if him becoming the first Canadian to take command of the International Space Station this week. And for tweeting those nice shots of Ireland. And his daughter lives in Dublin.


Shane’s Pixel Portraits (EightyNineDesign)

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Just because, you know, some of us are single.

And quite into space.


*backs out, closing door softly*

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