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From top: Ian Kehoe and Tom Lyons; job ad for new business and news site The Currency

Former editor and deputy editor of the Sunday Business Post Ian Kehoe and Tom Lyons have begun hiring both ‘experienced and up-and-coming journalists’ for full-time roles at their new website The Currency.

In March, the pair won a momentous defamation victory over businessman Denis O’Brien.

The Currency ad reads:

The Currency is a new online publisher dedicated to quality journalism, focusing on business, finance, economics and public policy. Led by journalists Ian Kehoe and Tom Lyons, The Currency is now looking to recruit both experienced and up-and-coming journalists.

The Currency is a digital subscription-based publisher that is only interested in original content. We believe in putting time into journalism and are not interested in simply following the news. We value and respect our staff and are offering competitive salaries, terms and conditions.

Based in Dublin 2, we are a journalist-owned and journalist-led publisher. While the primary focus is business, The Currency is open to hiring journalists who wish to crossover to covering this field from other areas such as news, crime, law, sport or politics

A little bit like us so.

But with chairs, an air of professionalism and salaries.

*stares at phone*

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