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Via Forbes:

Some of the Covid-19 vaccines currently in development could increase the risk of acquiring HIV, warned a group of researchers in the The Lancet medical journal Monday, potentially leading to an increase in infections as vaccines are rolled out to vulnerable populations around the world.

The authors said they went public because Ad5 vaccines for Covid-19 might soon be tested in populations with high HIV prevalence

Researchers Warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk Of HIV Infection (Forbes, October 2020)


Pic: Forbes

Ahead of World Aids Day on Saturday.

A trailer for ‘Becoming Cherrie’

A new documentary from Nicky Larkin about Matthew Cavan, aka drag artist, Cherrie Ontop.

Matthew was diagnosed HIV-positive aged 19, but went on to become a beloved, if heavily trolled, entertainer and spokesperson for people living with HIV in Northern Ireland.

Nicky Larkin

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This morning.

Hawkins House, Dublin 2

Members of Aids coalition Act Up picket the Department of Health about a crisis that has seen Ireland record the highest number of new HIV diagnoses ever last year.

Buzz writes:

On the eve of World AIDS Day, ACT UP Dublin is sounding an alarm to government, community stakeholders, and the public: Ireland is in the midst of an HIV crisis.

This morning in front of Department of Health Offices ACT UP installed an alarm clock to wake Ireland’s dormant institutions to the need for a renewed effort to address the expanding epidemic.

Thanks to advances in treatment and prevention, government has powerful new ways to reduce new HIV transmissions. ACT UP calls on authorities to do more than offer words. Government should devote greater resources, and take effective actions, to address the epidemic.

From top: HIV activist Robbie Lawlor; members of Act Up and artist Will Ledger.

Act Up

Pics; Press Association



From top: Trevor Clarke MLA and Eamonn McCann MLA

A Northern Ireland politician has admitted he did not know heterosexual people could contract HIV until a charity explained the facts to him.

The DUP’s Trevor Clarke made the admission in a Stormont debate calling for a new HIV awareness campaign.

He was later accused of “unconscious homophobia” by Foyle MLA Eamonn McCann.

He said it was not so long ago that some politicians had proclaimed they would “Save Ulster From Sodomy” – referring to the campaign led by the DUP’s founder, the late Ian Paisley.

Mr McCann asked the assembly: “What’s wrong with sodomy anyway?”

The People Before Profit MLA also said he would have kissed more men in his life if it “hadn’t been for the stubble factor”.

DUP’s Clarke did not know heterosexuals could contract HIV (BBC)


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Clisare writes:

“This is my contribution to the Durex and MTV ‘Staying Alive’ #SomeoneLikeMe campaign for World Aids Day 2013. On a lighter note, I never thought I’d see the day where I would work ‘post-expose prophylaxis’ into a Miley Cyrus song. On an even lighter note, I think Durex were paying people to create videos but I couldn’t find how to sign up so this one’s free for a great cause.

“Statistics: 1,000,000 in the US living with HIV, 50,000 diagnosis a year. In Ireland: 362 people diagnosed every year or 1 person diagnosed every day. Up to 30% of people who are HIV-positive don’t know they are living with HIV. 

“Lastly, I am fully aware that I cannot sing. That is not the point of the video.”


092013hiv1A New York State human rights ad featuring Dublin-born model Avril Nolan, a DCU journalism graduate, who is not HIV-positive.

A Brooklyn woman who does not have HIV is suing Getty Images for selling her likeness to the Division of Human Rights, which used her smiling photograph next to the words “I am Positive (+)” and “I Have Rights.” There was a Friends episode that tackled this same issue. Isn’t there always?

25-year-old HIV-negative Greenpoint resident Avril Nolan filed a $450,000 lawsuit against the company on the basis that it “allowed her image to be used improperly,” forcing her into several awkward conversations with friends, employers and “potential romantic partners.” (Man at Bar: “Hey, don’t I recognize you from somewhere?” Nolan: “I DON’T HAVE AIDS OK.”) Adding insult to HIV, the STD-free Nolan was forced to hear about the ad from her Pilates instructor….


Greenpoint Woman Wants You To Know She Does Not Have HIV (Gothamist)

Irish woman sues after New York State advert claims she has HIV Aids (Irish Central)

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