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Former Ulster Unionist MP Ken Maginnis has quit the party after 50 years. The party leadership had distanced itself from Mr¬†Maginnis¬†when he referred to gay marriage as “unnatural and deviant behaviour”.

He later insisted he stood by his remarks, referring to “unnatural physical acts” by “deviants”.

“These are people that seem to take some pride expressing their particular rights. I disagree with those rights and that deviance,” he added.

Party leader Mike Nesbitt and senior party members were clearly embarrassed by his attack and today he said it was time to leave.

Ken Maginnis Quits Ulster Unionist Party After Controversial Comments (RTE News)

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Homophobes should consider a little self-reflection, suggests a new study finding those individuals who are most hostile toward gays and hold strong anti-gay views may themselves have same-sex desires, albeit undercover ones.

The prejudice of homophobia may also stem from authoritarian parents, particularly those with homophobic views as well, the researchers added.

“This study shows that if you are feeling that kind of visceral reaction to an out-group, ask yourself, ‘Why?'” co-author Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, said in a statement.

“Those intense emotions should serve as a call to self-reflection.”

Should, Prof, but almost certainly won’t.

Study: Homophobes May Be Hidden Homosexuals (Live Science)