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Clisare tweetz:

Cool cool cool cool. Had to get off the and here’s the queue for the only bus stop nearby. Cool cool cool cool.



Met Éireann sez:

It will be another fine and sunny day across the country. However, it will be somewhat cloudier along the northwest coast with hazy sunshine and top temperatures there of 18 or 19 degrees in a light to moderate onshore breeze. It will be warm elsewhere with top tempertures reaching 20 to 25 degrees and winds will be just light variable.


August 1 (Sunday Tribune): We are NOT!

November 5 (Irish Times): We are HOT!

In previous posts, (Irish Times Typo ShameIrish Times Glaring Typo Fixed (Replaced By Even More Glaring Typo), Top 10 Irish Times Typos of The Last 10 Weeks, etc, etc.) Broadsheet may have given the impression that we thought standards were slipping at the Irish Times. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We also may have alluded to the paper’s central role in the fraudulent promotion of the property industry in Ireland (and its subsequent attempt to control same) during the boom. This was an error on our part.

Finally, our disgust at the €1 million payoff to former MD, Maeve Donovon (and Madam’s current €300,000-plus salary) – as wages at the paper are being slashed and staff let go – was mere sour grapes.

We may be hot but we also know how to say sorry.