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This morning.

In a statement this morning, Iarnród Éireann said despite the best efforts of both it and catering provider Rail Gourmet, services would not be able to resume.

Given this, on-board catering is now unlikely to be available until “at least early 2023“.

On-board catering was halted during the pandemic, and since the lifting of face-covering regulations last February the company says it has been coping with staffing issues and other additional costs.

Catering services will remain suspended on all Intercity network trains.

Irish Rail commences tendering process for new caterers (RTE)

Pic via Seat61

This morning.

Via Iarnród Éireann

We are reminding those intending to travel to this weekend’s All-Ireland Hurling Final on Sunday, that advance booking for Intercity rail travel remains mandatory at present.

This is in order to manage the 75% of on-board capacity available for use under current public health measures.

While extra services have been added on Sunday for both Cork and Limerick supporters to and from Dublin Heuston, all scheduled and extra trains from both counties are completely SOLD OUT for Sunday morning, and returning after the match.  In addition, many services are now sold out on Saturday also.

Culchiegeddon, dude.


This afternoon.

Minister for Transport Shane Ross (top) takes part in the launch of the JAM card (above) which aims to help people with disabilities or communication difficulties to let others know they need extra time boarding.

Iarnród Éireann tweetz:

JAM Card allows people with a communication barrier tell others they need ‘Just A Minute’ discreetly and easily & will assist customers using the public transport system & make their experience as stress-free as possible. Launched today by Transport For Ireland with all transport operators.

In response…

Non-profit disability rights activist group Access For All Ireland tweetz:

Just a minute Iarnród Éireann, could we have working lifts as well so then we can acess the trains as well?

Yesterday, the group tweeted:

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Pics: Iarnród Éireann

Public Services Card; Heuston Station in Dublin

This afternoon.

During the Public Accounts Committee meeting, during which the Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon fielded questions about the controversial Public Services Card…

The committee’s chairman Fianna Fáil TD Seán Fleming spoke about the experience of one of his constituents with their PSC.

He said:

“As TDs, I’m sure we all run into different constituents with different problems but a particular person I met had the travel pass as part of their social welfare card, they could present it and go on Iarnród Éireann and present it as the case may be because they were a carer.

“But a point came when they were no longer a carer.

“But they kept using the card and they weren’t carers. They weren’t entitled to use the card, but the card was still working.

“So about four or five months later they got a bill from Iarnród Éireann for about €1,048 and it listed all the dates that they’d used the card since, in their opinion, they were no longer deemed to be a carer.

“So they used that information, Iarnród Éireann used the Public Services Card to collect the information in relation to the number of trips the person made on the train.

“And one day they arrived in Heuston Station and they couldn’t get through the gate because Iarnród Éireann had obviously been in touch with Social Protection.”

Comptroller and Auditor General Seamus McCarthy suggested Iarnród Éireann presumably sought reimbursement from the Department of Social Protection for the trips taken and were subsequently paid for some trips and not for others.

Mr McCarthy said:

“Social protection would have no way of knowing what journeys were being taken.”

Mr Fleming again suggested Iarnród Éireann sought and obtained information from the Department of Social Protection.

Ms Dixon responded:

“We’d be very interested in looking at that in the context of the findings we’re about to issue…We’d be very happy to receive details on that in the context of what we’re looking at.”

Mr Fleming added that he doesn’t believe the case he referred to was an isolated case.


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Meanwhile, At The Public Accounts Committee

Lewdness up again.

Via RTE:

The highest proportion of cases recorded involved passengers behaving aggressively and consuming drugs and alcohol while on board Iarnród Éireann services.

The type of offences committed on rail services varies by location. Incidents recorded on mainline services – the country’s main intercity services – overwhelmingly stem from alcohol, while aggressive, anti-social and boisterous behaviour dominates on DART trains.


Drink and drug use contributing to anti-social behaviour (RTÉ)

danaYou probably know Dana Kucharova, above, from Cork, who works as a Train Host on the Cork/Dublin service.

Dana was named today as Iarnrod Eireann Customer Service Person of the Year for 2013.

Bodger, an occasional user of the route, describes Dana as “pure kindness in a world gone vexatious.”

Before adding needlessly: “An excellent choo-choo-choice.”

Pic: Jason Clarke.