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This afternoon.

Via Landmark Media:

The Irish Times DAC and the owners of Landmark Media Investments have signed a share purchase agreement whereby The Irish Times will acquire all of the publishing and media interests of the Landmark Media group.

The transaction is subject to a number of conditions including receipt of regulatory approvals from The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and The Environment as well as The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. It is expected that these approvals could take at least 4 months to procure.

The employees of Landmark Media were apprised of the sale of the media group by management at meetings this afternoon.

LMI Group CEO, Tom Murphy, who will exit the business at legal completion of the transaction, said:

“Following a prolonged period of speculation today’s announcement brings clarity to the Group’s future. I would like to place on record my appreciation and the appreciation of the board of Landmark Media to all staff members for their support, understanding and particularly for their patience. We acknowledge that throughout this delicate and sometimes public process that it has been a difficult period for all staff members, reading and listening to commentary, much of it uninformed and speculative. For our part, we believe we have done everything possible to make and implement the right decisions in relation to the Landmark business and all of its stakeholders, particularly our very valued and loyal staff colleagues.

I believe that a sale of the Landmark Media business to The Irish Times is in the best interest of all of the stakeholders, including staff, in Landmark Media and that it is the correct outcome also for The Irish Times and the Newspaper and Media industry generally in Ireland. Consolidation within the industry is an inevitable outcome and both Irish-owned groups will be best positioned to survive and prosper as part of a larger, stronger and better resourced and unified entity.

The Irish Times has been in existence since 1859 and its Management, Board and Trust are well aware of and suitably resourced to enable them to meet and navigate the challenges of the industry today. Our Bank, AIB have been with us on this journey for some time now and I must acknowledge and thank them for their support, resourcefulness and patience in enabling us to pursue and achieve the outcome being announced today”.

Liam Kavanagh, Managing Director of The Irish Times DAC said:

”The opportunity to acquire Landmark Media is an important strategic decision for The Irish Times. It is the intention to retain the core identity and independence of the respective news publishing titles. Each will retain their editorial integrity. The overall increase in audience allows the group to build a digital platform with a strong reach, countrywide and internationally. The consolidation also presents the opportunity to strengthen and grow existing print advertising revenues and helps to secure contract print revenues. If the application to the CCPC and to the Minister is successful,

The Irish Times are fully committed to working with the respective Union groups in each company on any restructuring proposals that will need to be made. The Irish Times has a proven track record of achieving cost savings, maintaining quality content while also working with staff and their representatives in a consultative partnership model. The combination of the two groups brings together two organisations with a quality focus and strong ethos. The combined scale provides opportunities for consolidation, secures existing revenues and provides a platform to build and grow new digital readers and revenues. It is a positive step in the protection of two Irish-owned media organisations, and will help ensure their long term futures”.

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Independents 4 Change TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly

Further to Health Minister Simon Harris’ claim that a bill proposed by Independents 4 Change TD Mick Wallace – which would allow for abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormality and is identical to a bill previously proposed by TD Clare Daly – is unconstitutional

For years, we have heard a litany of Government ministers and TDs offer sympathy to the couples involved, wring their hands, and agree that “something” must be done. But they have done nothing. Doing nothing is simply not an option anymore.

Roughly two diagnoses of fatal foetal abnormality are made in Holles Street alone each week. The Liverpool Women’s Hospital sees between two and four Irish women every week, with a five-week waiting list. Each week’s delay is subjecting more and more people to cruel and inhumane treatment.

When the bill was moved last year, the Government relied on the advice of the Attorney General, which suggested that it was unconstitutional as a result of the Eighth Amendment. They are again seeking her opinion this time round.

I want to see that opinion published. It cannot be used as a fig leaf to cover the inaction of politicians.

The truth is that all it is is an opinion. Actual unconstitutionality can only be determined by the courts. So why not allow the bill to pass, get the President under Article 26 to refer it to the Supreme Court?

The Constitution allows 60 days to have the matter determined. If they agree it is compatible with the Constitution, then we can — at least in these circumstances — end the inhumane treatment of Irish women.

If they find it is not constitutional, then we will only be in the situation that we are in now.

Independents 4 Change TD Mick Wallace writing in today’s Irish Examiner.

We can, and we must, stop subjecting parents to this cruelty (Mick Wallace, Irish Examiner)

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Warning over possibility of further bank capitalisations (Ciarán Hancock, Irish Times)

Banks are ‘unlikely to require further capital’ (John Walsh, Irish Examiner)


Not just Limerick. Each county in Munster got the same treatment.

The entire province is a CRIME SCENE.

That’s how they troll.

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