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This afternoon.

Marty Morrissey – carrying frisky (and slightly frightening) mime artist ‘Marcel So What‘ – celebrates his appointment as a style judge at this Saturday’s Kerrygold Irish Oaks at The Curragh Racecourse.

The broadcaster joins a panel that includes telly’s Sybil Mulcahy (right) and fashion stylist Ciara O’Doherty (left).

They will award the most stylish racegoer (man or woman) with a luxury weekend for two at the Ballyfin Demesne with €1,000 spending money.

Pic: Marc O’Sullivan


Delicious Irish export success story.

The envy of the butter world.

What could go wrong?

Nichole of fairly odd, in fairness food allergy blog, Hopecentric, explains

 Kerrygold has updated and changed some of the information on their website. If you are budgeting for Kerrygold (like me) in order to avoid food allergies, or to obtain the highest quality real food product, then you may want to pay attention to the changes…

It’s not 100% grass fed. It is almost 90% grass fed, and supplemented with feed that includes soy and corn.

Yeah. It’s true.

Why is this a deal breaker for me? Well, we [her family] just don’t eat soy. Soy shows up in the meats that we eat and becomes a hormone and allergy issue in our body. We also have a severe corn allergy in the home, so we are not too fond of even residual corn.

I know. I hear you. 90% grass fed is pretty darn good, and buying this butter on the shelf is also pretty convenient. It has some great nutritional value thanks to that almost 90% of Irish grass, and I might be inclined to shrug off some supplemental organic grain. But I won’t be breaking the bank or running around town to buy a butter that comes from a cow fed soy and corn.

It’s actually only 97% GM free.

So that soy and corn feed can be from a genetically modified source. And not to argue with the actual website, but it appears that the 3% GM feed statistic is a guesstimate at best. It’s most likely more than that.

Perhaps, like me, you thought Ireland and the European Union were still standing strong in the battle against Monsanto. Unfortunately things are changing. Spain has been growing the famous Bt Corn for quite some time. The erosion of Ireland has been going on since 2011. GMO has certainly become an issue in Europe.

The argument against GMOs is beyond this little article on butter. But regardless of your stance on GMOs, there is no secret that feeding an animal genetically modified food will provide a less than stellar result. In fact the result could be down right scary. And that is where I draw the line with my valuable food budget and family health.



Why I Stopped Buying Kerrygold Butter (Hopecentric)

Thanks Andrew Murphy