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Irish police are investigating how a human leg was found at a waste recycling plant [Thorntons Recycling plant] in [Ballyfermot] Dublin on Thursday night.

Detectives are exploring two main theories about how the limb ended up at the recycling site. One possibility is that the limb belonged to a homeless person sleeping in a bin somewhere in the Irish capital.

The second theory the Garda will investigate is that the leg could be from the body of a murder victim. Dublin’s crime gangs have abducted, killed and hidden the remains of those they have killed in disputes over drugs, territory and weapons.

Human leg found in recycling bin in Dublin (The Guardian)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

Recently, we’ve received a number of queries regarding the, eh, anatomical accuracy of Chompsky’s hind leg. Commenter Maura Mc, responding to this post, summed it up thus:

Jesus. Well you should see it in real life, Maura Mc. It’s not even a leg.

Anyway, at the risk of hurting Chomps’ feelings even further, we invite you – ┬áthe creative massive – to do better.

Unless no-one could be arsed, in which case, forget you ever saw this.