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Super Nintendo Chalmers sneakers.

Modified Air Jordans, customised by FreakerSneaks, complete with authentic d-pad and face buttons.

(insert blowing-on-cartridge gag)


sneaker2P-Sneakers_Print_Main_500x669_A_1024x1024sneaker3 sneaker4A furtive browse through nearly a century of fetishistic runner-candy – from the wanton 1917 Chuck Taylor Converse All Star to the shameless 2013 Nike Kobe 8.

Available as a 60cm x 90cm framed print from Pop Chart Labs.

Now go have a shower.



In lane 3: Ilmari Koppinen from Finland (b. January 1918).

In lane 4: Emiel Pauwels from Belgium (b. December 1918)

Who ya got?


That’s right. They’re Boba Fett themed runners. And they come in a blister-pack. Which, being a true Star Wars fanboy/fangirl, you’ll never open.

More degenerate footwear here.

A matching backpack, perhaps?