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Twelve interactive musical experiments from Chrome Music Lab.

Go here now.

Crank up the volume.

Plink, ding and bwarp your way to pariahdom. 

(Thanks Barry McKenna)

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A haunting tale of early technology written, directed, animated and scored by LA-based animator Troy Morgan

Four separate individuals at the dawn of wireless technology become accidental collaborators in a musical composition that is pieced together through radio waves.

Tesla’s spirit radio?


abraham-poincheval-lives-inside-a-bear-carcass-for-two-weeks-designboom-01abraham-poincheval-lives-inside-a-bear-carcass-for-two-weeks-designboom-05 abraham-poincheval-lives-inside-a-bear-carcass-for-two-weeks-designboom-06abraham-poincheval-lives-inside-a-bear-carcass-for-two-weeks-designboom-04abraham-poincheval-lives-inside-a-bear-carcass-for-two-weeks-designboom-03
From April 1st until next Monday (April 14th) French artist Abraham Poincheval has been living inside the hollowed out carcass of a bear in the main salon of the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris.

Having kitted out the tiny enclosure with everything he needs to survive, including food, water, activities and a toilet, his goal is to test his physical limits and increase his understanding of animal nature during hibernation.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with Poincheval and there’s also a live feed.