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aiweiweibicycles01Jeremy Maxwell Kanwar Sandhutonoariki tonoariki2As part of this year’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in Toronto – a nighttime art event hosted in the streets of the city – Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has installed a 9 meter high, 30 meter long labyrinth of 3,144 bicycles illuminated with blue and pink lights.

A much larger version of a work exhibited in Taipei last year entitled Forever Bicycles, it reflects the artist’s perception of the rapid pace of Chinese social change. Ai Weiwei couldn’t attend the 2011 exhibition as he faced arrest for his continuing critical stance on Chinese government policy.

Now that’s an artist’s statement.

The exhibition continues in Nathan Phillips Square until October 27th.

(Pix 2-5 by Instagrammers Jeremy Maxwell, Kandwar Sandhu and tonoariki)


Japanese Twitter user @Kya7y recently posted these pictures of a fiendishly complex and painstakingly hand-drawn labyrinth, sprung directly from the brain of her father (a university custodian).

30 years ago, he started with a blank sheet of A1 paper, seven years later, he’d completed the maze in his spare time, at which point, the sheet was rolled up and  forgotten, until his daughter discovered it.

The maze should, and probably will, be available as a print in the near future.