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Sports and commercials photographer Levon Biss takes his cameras to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History where, with the help of a modified microscope, he takes hundreds of pictures of rare insects before combining the images into huge, impossibly detailed composites. To wit:

Microsculpture is a unique visual experience. A 10mm insect is shown as a 3 meter print, revealing minute detail and allowing the viewer to take in the structure of the insect in its entirety. The beautifully lit, high magnification portraiture of Levon Biss captures the microscopic form of these animals in striking high-resolution detail.

Explore the images in detail here.

Biss’s photo-composites go on view at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History later this month.



Billed by the team of IBM engineers who made it as the ‘world’s smallest movie’, this 242-frame stop-motion animation was shot with a two-tonne microscope operating at minus 268°C and a special probe which arranged 5,000 carbon atoms into the ‘pixels’ of the moving image.

The magnification factor is 100,000,000x – about the same ratio that exists between an orange and the planet Earth.

Show offs.