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Masters of video comparisons Reigawr (statistics – not English – is their first language) calculate the odds of possessing a rare human ability. to wit:

From being immune to pain and electricity, to being a prodigy in music, art or even a human calculator, we shall compare the rarest superpower humanity ever known. What is the probability of being ambidextrous, having unbreakable bones or even super endurance? How many people have Myostatin related muscle hypertrophy? How many are born with a superior IQ above 178? Odds of being born with 5+ octave range or tetrachromacy colour vision?

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A mini documentary from the PBS OffBook web series about the world of fan art:

The fan art community is one of the most creative and active online. Taking pop culture stories and icons as its starting point, the fan community extends those characters into new adventures, unexpected relationships, bizarre remixes, and even as the source material for beautiful art. Limited only by the imagination of the artist, the fan art world is full of surprises and brilliance.