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At the European Parliament office on Molesworth Street in Dublin this afternoon.

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Around 40 Irish Water protesters ‘occupied’ Dublin City Council offices yesterday.

Some of the protesters attempted to ask DCC Chief Executive Officer Owen Keegan questions about Irish Water – and the DCC’s relationship with Irish Water – but Executive Manager Vincent Norton spoke to them instead.

Mr Norton laid out what the DCC is obliged to do by law.

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Robert Moore writes:

As of [last night], students are occupying the Senior Common Room at the University of Ulster (Coleraine), which is slated to be closed down and replaced with a private dining room for the exclusive use of Pro Vice-Chancellor Richard Barnett and his [word redacted, replaced with ‘associates’]. The SCR is the last public non-commercialized space — open to students, staff, and any number of organizations — on the campus. Students are protesting in solidarity with UCU, which is striking tomorrow (Tues 12/3), and are staying put for as long as it takes. Teach-ins, workshops, film screenings, live music, etc., are being set up. Appearances later in the week by Terry Eagleton, Eamonn McCann and others are rumoured. Jump in the car (or on the train), and join us — here is your chance to Discover Northern Ireland!


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They were characterised as unkempt scroungers with no ideas.

But this week, among other things, Canadian-born, Dublin-based vlogger Katie Varvos tells us how the Occupy Movement has defied critics through their Rolling Jubilee project, that has helped almost 3,000 people across America abolish more than $14million of debt.

Stay for the cat and prize of dinner for two in Bóbós on Dame Street, Dublin.

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From io9:

V For Vendetta writer Alan Moore and artist David Lloyd have admitted in interviews that they’re tickled that the titular character’s Guy Fawkes has become a protest standard. But Channel 4 went one step further and took the hirsute master to Occupy London to meet the masquerade.

Alan Moore hangs Out With V for Vendetta-Masked Occupy Protesters (io9)


Members of the American Dialect Society came out in record numbers to vote Friday night at the organization’s annual conference, held this year in Portland, Oregon.

“Occupy” won a runoff vote by a whopping majority, earning more votes than “FOMO” (an acronym for “Fear of Missing Out,” describing anxiety over being inundated by the information on social media) and “the 99%,” (those held to be at a financial or political disadvantage to the top moneymakers, the one-percenters).

Occupy joins previous year’s winners, “app,” “tweet,” and “bailout.”


Linguists Name ‘Occupy’ As 2011’s Word Of The Year (CNN)