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Mick Wallace (top) this afternoon; Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson (right and his son Gareth last year.

A multi-headed monster.

From Greece (!)

“Yeah, he [Peter Robinson] very categorically came out and declared that he had no interest whatsoever, hadn’t gained anything as a result of this particular transaction carried out in the name of Northern Ireland with this company Cerberus.

A fascinating name, it comes from Greek mythology actually, a three-headed, multi-headed, three-headed dog which guarded  the gates of Hades…hence this monster of a story now and it’s really turned into a monster story which is consuming every lawyer and every barrister in Northern Ireland and stretching now deeply into Dublin on the back of [Independent TD] Mick Wallace’s claims in the Dáil – some of which I actually challenge.

In fact, the offshore account was not rumbled as a result of an audit, a routine audit of Tughans’ accounts. In fact, my understanding is that the managing partner at the centre of this controversy, who’s no longer working with Tughans, actually advised his fellow partners there was a big payment coming down the line and, eventually, a fee….”

Veteran Northern Ireland journalist Eamon Mallie on Today with Sean O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio One this morning.

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Mick Wallace’s response to an invitation from John McGuinness, chairman of The Public Accounts Committee, this afternoon.

Via Mick Wallace


When asked why no one wanted to appear on camera she said:
“Because now we’re being called racists which we’re horrified. We’re actually embarrassed about it. We’re certainly not racists, certainly not.”




“From his account, it was certainly a peaceful protest and there was no threat issued to him. There isn’t any indication that they sought to intimidate him.
I’m not sure that this can be described as racism in terms of what the intention of the local people was.
You might have had exactly the same reaction if it was somebody from up-country that was moving into an area where local people aren’t able to get houses in the locality that they’ve been brought up in.” NI First Minister Peter Robinson.

‘Locals-only’ protest not racist says first minister (Brendan Hughes, Irish News)

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Via today’s Irish News (unavailable online)

NI First Minister Peter Robinson has voiced support for the Belfast preacher whose firebrand sermon is at the centre of a hate crime investigation.

The DUP leader said that in the past he had joined the congregation of Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle to listen to Pastor James McConnell (above) preach and that he intended to go back to the church in the future.

He described the preacher as “somebody who has lived his life for Christ”. The first minister said it was “the duty of any Christian preacher to denounce false doctrine”. “That’s a duty – so he’s perfectly entitled to do that – it’s an appropriate thing for a minister to do”, he said.

The DUP leader also said he did not trust Muslims who had been involved in “terrorist activities” or those who were “fully devoted to Sharia Law”. But he did say he would “trust them to go down the shops for me” and undertake other day-to-day tasks.

Right so.

No word from the First Minister about the homophobic sermons then?

Peter Robinson under fire for backing Pastor James McConnell’s Islamic remarks (BBC News)

90175333 NI First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness

First Minister Peter Robinson has rejected Sinn Féin claims he was showing cowardice as a politician.

Earlier this month Deputy First Minster Martin McGuinness accused Mr Robinson of “cowardice of the worst kind”.

He claimed Mr Robinson had not spoken out about alleged UVF involvement in violence and racist intimidation.

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MLA said: “I have stood shoulder to shoulder with unionist leaders in condemning the activities of so-called dissident republicans.

We have not seen the same united approach in response to UVF-orchestrated violence against isolated members of our ethnic minority communities, against the small nationalist community of the Short Strand, against the PSNI during the flag protests or against Alliance party offices.


From the 1980s, the then MP for East Belfast Peter Robinson was interviewed by John Ware for BBC’s Panorama (above) where he described Loyalist prisoners as “counter-terrorists”.

First Minister Peter Robinson rejects ‘cowardice’ claims (BBC News NI)

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File Pic: Photocall Ireland

90143194 (Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, Micheál Martin TD and First Minister Peter Robinson at Farmleigh in 2009)

NI First Minister Peter Robinson in an interview with Steven McCaffery of The Detail has said the Irish government is avoiding a “hidden history” that ties it to the birth of the Provisional IRA.

I think there has been denial on behalf of Irish Governments for some considerable time about the role played by government ministers and officials in terms of the growth of the Provisional IRA. People don’t want to talk about it. It’s not a case of being embarrassed, they seem to be offended if the issue is raised, but at the same time are quite happy to point the finger at the British state.

It is abundantly clear that the responsibility that seemed to fall on (Capt James) Kelly, was one that was placed on him by the State.

It is a period of time which shows very clearly that the Irish State was funding the guns going to the Provisional IRA, was preparing itself to invade Northern Ireland, and now of course they sit back and try and draw a blind over this area of history.

In a statement, Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin said:

The death of almost 1,800 men, women and children at the hands of the IRA was a hideous crime against their neighbours, against their country and against the proud ambitions of Irish Republicanism.

But it is not a crime for which the Irish Government has culpability.

It is a narrative which distorts the facts of an unprecedented crisis in Irish history and deliberately ignores the decades of concerted policy and action in the Republic of Ireland aimed at thwarting the subversive threat posed by violent republicanism and loyalism.

Genuine culpability or just whataboutery to deflect from unionism’s own failings?

YOU decide.

The Legacy – Political battle lines – (Steven McCaffery, The Detail.tv)

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

BZopSCGIAAAybNz.jpg large

NI First Minister Peter Robinson claims his party [DUP] represents Catholic values better than Sinn Fein or SDLP do and that “many from the Catholic community…will be voting for the DUP.”

He says his party’s stance on moral issues would also appeal to many conservative Catholics.


Robinson: DUP serves Catholics better than Nationalist parties (John Manley, Irish News)
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