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Pictograms scrawled on walls by homeless wanderers and migrant workers for the benefit (and wellbeing) of fellow travellers during the Great Depression in the US.


Dorothy_DO_0067_RockRollZoo_Frame_Full_Web_1 Dorothy_DO_0067_RockRollZoo_Close Up_7_Web Dorothy_DO_0067_RockRollZoo_Close Up_5_Web Dorothy_DO_0067_RockRollZoo_Close Up_4_Web Dorothy_DO_0067_RockRollZoo_Close Up_2_Web
A print by We Are Dorothy featuring 77 animals:

…inspired by the titles of songs (and a handful of other references) from the history of popular music.


Movie posters reinvented as pictograms by Viktor Hertz.

More at Viktor’s Flickr photostream.

He also sells them here.