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Behold: the Koda Light Float House – a zinc-clad dwelling surrounded by a generous deck on a pontoon raft connected to shore by a wooden bridge.

More house than boat (designed to be towed between locations), the minimal interior features double-height ceilings, an open living space, kitchen, and a lofted sleeping area from where to view the locale where you’ve chosen to dock.




Youtuber Vitaly Petrukhin sez:

British Columbia in Canada, the boat Seaspan Harvester transports and delivers wood with a peculiar technique. This barge timber uses a novel method to dump its cargo, it capsized and tilts 30 ° to bring down the trunks of trees in the water. Free engine, this barge was designed to load and unload the goods itself, the train is pushed by the tug Seaspan King.