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Journalist and presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty at Sligo County Council today

Earlier today.

At Sligo County Council.

Where the council heard from several presidential hopefuls seeking a nomination…

Marese McDonagh, in The Irish Times, reports:

Ms [Gemma] O’Doherty clashed with the Cathaoirleach, Fianna Fáil councillor Martin Baker and officials who had asked an unidentified person filming in the public gallery to stop or to leave the chamber after strong objections from Fine Gael councillor Hubert Keaney.

She said the public was entitled to see what is happening “in our chamber” . “What are you afraid of?” she asked.

After the would-be candidates finished their contributions and withdrew from the chamber, Councillor Keaney said he had asked that the rules be observed and he did not want the impression to go out that the council was against free speech.

Seán Gallagher asks councils to nominate other candidates (The Irish Times)

Yesterday: Mid Morning Presidential Matters

Pic: Gemma O’Doherty


From top: Cllr Arthur McDonald, Kevin Sharkey, Carlow council chamber; tweet from selection hearings


This afternoon.

At Carlow County Council…

Where presidential hopefuls Gavin Duffy, Senator Joan Freeman, Kevin Sharkey, Marie Goretti Moylan and Patrick Feeney are scheduled to go before the council to seek its nomination.

More as we get it.

Arthur McDonald (Fianna Fáil)

Council pic: Fiachra Ó Cionnaith