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In Ireland 89% of primary schools are run by the Catholic Church.

Eighty nine per cent.

A new church-commissioned report called Catholic Primary Schools in a Changing Ireland acknowledges some parents have “little or no choice but to send their child to a Catholic school”.

The document  states the church recognises the right of parents to opt out of religious instruction for their children.

But adds:  “the manner in which schools do this is subject to available resources”.

The report says schools should not exceed the 2.5 hours allowed weekly for religious education. It says schools should make clear to parents upon enrolment what being a Catholic school means. They should include information on the school’s religious education programme as well as procedures in dealing with parents who do not want their children to participate in religious education.
However, the document does not advise schools as to what procedures should be put in place, apart from outlining options they “may” wish to implement.

Good times.

Catholic Primary Schools in a changing Ireland – Sharing Good Practice on Inclusion of All Pupils (PDF)

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