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Bit of a ructus last night.

As burp-watching telly viewer Derek patiently explains.

I was sitting down on the sofa this evening after my dinner and as usual had the TV on in the background while most of my attention was taken up from surfing de internets. Suddenly out of nowhere I heard a loud and very audible burp coming from the TV. I looked up to see none other than our own Rachel Allen with a guilty look all over her face. She chomps down a piece of cheescake before turning her head away from camera as she feels it coming up her throat. But there is just no hiding the burp she belches out, I split my sides open when I rewinded and watched again. It looks like whoever was editing that program in RTE also found the sight of Rachel Allen burping pretty funny, no editor could take to omitting this comedy gold….

We may need to talk about Derek.

From RTE:

Journalist and broadcaster Brendan O’Connor will be joined by another great line-up of guests this Saturday on The Saturday Night Show on RTÉ One for an entertaining mix of lively chat, comedy and music.

Just some of the guests joining Brendan in studio this week include Rachel Allen in her only interview following the controversy that emerged this week over hunting pictures of her posted on Facebook.

Julian Simmons talks about his career as a flamboyant and much-loved continuity announcer on UTV, his passion for the airline industry and his recent recovery from a quadruple heart bypass.

Twitter may literally explode.