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This afternoon.

Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

ISR Media write:

Members of Anti Imperialist Action Ireland staged a Guerrilla Picket at Dublin City Council to demand an immediate freeze on all mortgage and rent payments and to call on the Working Class to organise an All Ireland Rent and Mortgage Strike if no payment freeze is introduced.

During the picket our activists maintained social distancing and wore masks and gloves to take advice of health professionals.

A mortgage holiday is no good we need need an immediate end to all payments now.

If Dublin City Council continue to refuse to implement a rent stoppage, more protest action will be taken.


Anti Imperialist Action Ireland

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The Rent Freeze (Fair) Rent Bill an emergency rent freeze proposal by Sinn Fein’s Housing Spokesman Eoin Ó Broin in the Dáil last December

The Rent Freeze (Fair) Rent Bill 2019.

Sinn Féin legislation passed in the Dáil as an emergency measure  in December by 83 votes to 36 (the government stopped it going on to committee stage) .

Will asks:

So, is this going to happen now?


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From top: the price of shares in Ires REIT have fallen following an emergency rent freeze proposal by Sinn Fein’s Housing Spokesman Eoin Ó Broin in the Dáil yesterday

Further to a Sinn Féin proposal that would freeze rents on existing and new tenancies for three years.

This morning.

Shares in the State’s largest landlord, Ires Reit, slipped more than 5.5 per cent on Wednesday morning after Sinn Féin introduced a Bill providing for a three-year rent freeze across the private rental market.

Ires, which had 2,771 residential properties as of the end of June, with more in development, could suffer the most of the listed property entities given its exposure to the rental market.

As much as €53 million was cut from the company’s market value as its shares dipped to €1.72.

*scrapes tiny violin”

Ires shares slip on Sinn Féin proposal for rent freeze (Irish Times)

Dáil debating Sinn Féin bill to introduce emergency rent freeze (RTÉ)

This morning.

Further to results from Daft.ie that showing rents now risen ‘by 70% on average – 87% in Dublin, 68% in the other cities and 53% elsewhere – from their lowest point’ a decade ago.

In Dublin rents are 30% higher than their Celtic Tiger peak.

The Social Democrats have called for an an emergency rent freeze across the country.

Soc Dem co-leader Catherine Murphy said:

“It’s not good enough that the government continues to throw struggling renters upon the mercy of a market where there is an acute lack of supply and where the going rates for rental properties are totally out of whack with many people’s incomes.

“In our Alternative Budget 2019, the Social Democrats proposed a two-year emergency rent freeze across the country. It is abundantly clear that rent pressure zones are failing to curb soaring rents. We need a stronger solution to the current crisis.

The only option now is for the government to bring in an emergency rent freeze that will at least give renters some certainty about their weekly or monthly outgoings.”

Rental Price Report (Daft)

Rents continue to hit all-time highs with 11.3% national rise – Daft.ie (RTÉ)