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With the removal of history and geography as Junior Cycle core subjects, is the Government hoping for a new generation of citizens who don’t know who they are, where they are from, and why things are the way they are?

Louisa Moss,
Dublin 7.


History and geography (The Irish Times letters page)


In the summer of 2012, high school senior Zak Zeibel was asked to create “a piece of art that would reveal something unseen”. To wit:

Ziebell approached 29 strangers on the University of Michigan’s campus, handed them a pen and half a sheet of paper, and asked them, on the spot, to draw a map of the world. Ziebell, who recently posted his findings to Reddit, then completed the task himself and digitally merged the 30 maps into one image, overlaying the composite drawing with satellite data.

MORE: What You Get When 30 [American] People Draw a World Map From Memory


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Of this short film he made with The North Face, Fearghal O’Nuallain writes:

Once upon a time I cycled around the world – with Simon Evans the guy who reinvented the kiddies’ bike who you featured here recently – now I teach Geography in an Inner London Comp called St Paul’s Academy. (RTE made a film about it)

The North Face Journal

A collaboration between New Zealand based artist Henry Hargreaves and NYC stylist Caitlin Levin represent various nations with the food they’re known best for. Hargreaves sez:

Who doesn’t know the saying ‘throw some shrimp on the barbie’ and not think of Australia? Who goes to France without eating bread and cheese? And who makes a Brazilian caipirinha without a fistful of limes?

New Zealand gets kiwi fruit, India gets spices, Japan gets seaweed, we get…


..digestive biscuits.


Pity poor Wales. Chocolate-coated yet spurned by the great tripartite Biscuit Union.




That’s better.

Thanks Bob Coggins


tumblr_muo92uvS0F1sx8u1ro1_1280Joseph Aivalikli writes:

While browsing through old editions of the Dublin Gazette looking for laws to repeal as part of the Statute Law Revision Project, we stumbled upon this tissue of double entendres published by order of the King in 1773. I’m guessing the author was an intrepid Trinity geography student – or just someone who really, really liked boobs. Or both.

Full transcript for the blurry-eyed after the jump.

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