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Bomb disposal unit outside Environment Minister Alan Kelly’s office in Nenagh,
Co Tipperary last Friday

“The Garda√≠ know my movements, all day, every day, more or less, I go through that all the time so I’m kinda used to that, but this is a different level. The lads inside my office, to be subjected to something like that – where their safety is an issue now – is a level which I’ve never encountered before. Whoever sent this is a scumbag, it’s as simple as that.”

Environment Minister Alan Kelly speaking on Tipp FM this morning following the delivery of a package, containing white powder and a threatening note, at his office in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary last Friday.

The bomb disposal unit later declared it a hoax.

The white powder has a street value of one hundred million dollars, garda sources say.

Alan Kelly: Whoever sent suspicious package ‘is a scumbag’ (Breakingnews.ie)

Pic: Dublin Says No


Mike McGrath-Bryan from Cork-based animation studio Gobstar Film writes:

We have a short film coming up in the Cork Film Festival, on November 13th, called ‘The Scumbagnetic Effect’. A 3D animated short about bad behaviour, The Scumbagnetic Effect satirises both ASBO culture and self-styled bad-boy bankers in equal measure, and was completed in four months on a budget of zero euro.