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The media rummage through the home of the alleged San Bernardino [California] ‘terrorist’ shooters on Friday night.

Reg B writes:

I am no criminologist but is this standard practice? If I wasn’t so thoroughly brainwashed I would suggest they are not telling us the full story.


The ‘First Thing’ Retired NYPD Detective Noticed as He Watched Media Ransack San Bernardino Terrorists’ Home — It’s Baffling (TheBlaze)




A social media profile [on Myspace (!)] of the alleged shooter (top centre) [named as Chris Madeupname Harper Mercer, top centre], contains a video featuring archive footage of the IRA, a number of images of IRA members in military uniform and a reference to an edition of An Phoblacht magazine.

Seems legit and entirely credible and not fake at all.


Oregon gunman identified by US media (RTÉ)

Oregon Gunman Was IRA Supporter (Sunday World)


Bomb disposal unit outside Environment Minister Alan Kelly’s office in Nenagh,
Co Tipperary last Friday

“The Gardaí know my movements, all day, every day, more or less, I go through that all the time so I’m kinda used to that, but this is a different level. The lads inside my office, to be subjected to something like that – where their safety is an issue now – is a level which I’ve never encountered before. Whoever sent this is a scumbag, it’s as simple as that.”

Environment Minister Alan Kelly speaking on Tipp FM this morning following the delivery of a package, containing white powder and a threatening note, at his office in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary last Friday.

The bomb disposal unit later declared it a hoax.

The white powder has a street value of one hundred million dollars, garda sources say.

Alan Kelly: Whoever sent suspicious package ‘is a scumbag’ (Breakingnews.ie)

Pic: Dublin Says No