‘Whoever Sent This Is A Scumbag’



Bomb disposal unit outside Environment Minister Alan Kelly’s office in Nenagh,
Co Tipperary last Friday

“The Gardaí know my movements, all day, every day, more or less, I go through that all the time so I’m kinda used to that, but this is a different level. The lads inside my office, to be subjected to something like that – where their safety is an issue now – is a level which I’ve never encountered before. Whoever sent this is a scumbag, it’s as simple as that.”

Environment Minister Alan Kelly speaking on Tipp FM this morning following the delivery of a package, containing white powder and a threatening note, at his office in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary last Friday.

The bomb disposal unit later declared it a hoax.

The white powder has a street value of one hundred million dollars, garda sources say.

Alan Kelly: Whoever sent suspicious package ‘is a scumbag’ (Breakingnews.ie)

Pic: Dublin Says No

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88 thoughts on “‘Whoever Sent This Is A Scumbag’

  1. phil

    Something else happened over the last few days , what was it again ? Oh ya, 85,000 ppl marched to the GPO RE water charges… any journo going to ask him about that?

    Na, too easily distracted …

    1. Cian

      The already grossly inflated number being thrown around was 80,000 – will 5k more be added to it every day its repeated?

      1. donkey_kong

        i was there and in my extreme accurate headcount i thought it was 100,000
        but what’s 15-20k between friends…

      2. R2W

        Sorry, but there was at least 150,000 people there. I was at the Robbie Williams gig a few years back and there was definitely more people there at the weekend.

      1. donkey_kong

        or who does under the guise that they are anti-troika.
        “abours way or frankfurts way” was (in hindsight) the suicide note of the labour party, being pro-troika is fine the country all knew FG and FF wouldn’t rock the boat too much with the EU but labours base vote has been lied too.

        That’s why FG will survive in decent condition but labour will be badly whipped come the next election.

  2. MoyestWithExcitement

    Why the fudge is there so much focus on him using the word ‘scumbag’? Man gets death threat, calls *anonymous* source of threat a scumbag, and everyone talks about him saying scumbag instead of the, ya know, death threat? FFS.

      1. rotide

        You’re actually going to sit there and claim that this wasn’t clear intimitation and harrassment?

        That this wasn’t supposed to seem like anthrax or some analogue?

        You’re a worse troll than Jonotti

        1. Anne

          That’s riiiiiight.

          Ah no, in all seriousness, that baby powder is very menacing stuff.
          In large quantities, it can cause dry skin.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            Because obviously the envelope it came in had a note saying ‘Relax buddy, this is just talcum powder. I’m only joking. Soz.’

          2. rotide

            You’re right.

            The note probably said ‘This substance is baby powder and is 100% harmless”

          3. Vote Rep #1

            So if you were robbed by someone with a replica gun, its ok because its only a fake gun that can’t do anything? Or if a fake bomb was planted under your car, its ok because its not a real bomb?

            When who ever worked in there opened the letter, they weren’t to know what the white powder they got sent was but its ok, Anne says its not an issue.

          4. LookingOn

            That was the idea of it – Kelly sits so long on comfy chairs, that an accumulation of sweat builds up in various crevices and something is needed to keep those areas dry. I’d say it was a birthday card or something – or a Good Luck card on the opening of his new office.

        2. LookingOn

          It’s interesting though that the area wasn’t cleared – is that a woman and child in the photo?.
          I must comment Kelly though – he’s taken over a closed shop (that’s what it looks like in the photo) – a sign of the times.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Same happened to George Dubya and his Axis of Evil.
      The terminology carried more weight and attracted more criticism than the terrorism act that spawned it.

  3. Anne

    Did the letter read, “From one scumbag to another.. xxx ”

    “The white powder has a street value of one hundred million dollars, garda sources say.”

    Sounds like babypowder to me. Maybe it was meant to be a thoughtful gift.

    1. Murtles

      Exactly how much white powder was sent to him that it was valued at 100,000,000 dollars? And this was posted? Expensive hoax, methinks the sender has screwed themself over.

    1. rotide

      According to the water militia it’s basically our civic duty to break the law like this.

      I hear there’s 72 virgins set aside for the worthy

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Ah here. You’re as bad as that one going on about the baby powder. The anti water movement are not encouraging people to issue death threats. They’re not criminals, FFS.

      2. dereviled

        So is this an example of the McCarthyism you were dribbling about earlier?
        Anyone who objects to this corrupt quango is the front wave of ISIS?
        Back to Voat ya sack of spanners.

      3. rotide

        No the example of mccarthyism is evident in this thread.

        Anything is excused as long as its on the side of right.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          McCarthyism is the accusation of treason without any evidence. Referring to the “water militia” as a group who implore folks to issue death threats to people in our government is dictionary definition McCarthyism. Dismissing or belittling the death threat, while stupid, is just not McCarthyism.

        2. dereviled

          What p!sses me off with dopes like you is you spend all that time on ‘FatPeopleHate’ or wherever, bleating about ‘freedom of speach’; the rest of the time you spend trolling, brigading, down-voting and derailing.
          Nobody is excusing anything, argue your point or call a waahhmbulance.

          1. rotide

            Stick to reddit kiddo.

            I think you’ll find this thread is full of people excusing this behaviour. They’ve had the practice, excusing the collection of idiots in most videos of “police brutality” at protest marches.

          2. dereviled

            ‘Full of people condoning this behaviour.’
            Four or five people mocked and pilloried and carefully explained to.
            And you helped, kiddo!

        3. rotide

          What I meant by mccarthyism is that the paranoia that there’s reds under the beds is palpable here. Any opinion is taken as fact when outside the closed loop here things are very different.

          Everyone is a blueshirt, israeli shill in DOBs pocket.

          1. dereviled

            1) Who are ‘the reds’? Is that the Lizard People? Coz I like lizards.
            2) Who takes the opinions here as fact? It’s often the opposite!!!
            3) Outside ‘the loop’ is where we all live. Wtf are you trying to tell us?
            You opened with MLK then had a reasoned and nuanced exchange with Anne before deciding that BS was a nest of jihad.
            That’s paranoia or a de-rail.

      4. Original Cynic

        You’re gas!!! Are the “water militia” armed with water pistols or pump-action rifles?

    2. Padi

      + 1

      Only real valid ‘protest’ in my eyes is your vote, a lot of the rest is attention seeking and a release for the constantly angry/outraged. Also if you’re too stupid to believe politician who promise you the world then you can’t complain that they didn’t live up to the mandate you gave them.

      Anyway that duck vine is gas.

  4. Mr. T.

    This ‘hoax’ was most likely a stunt by a member of the Labour party to demonize Labour opponents. Happens all the time and you’ll notice that people are hardly ever arrested for these threats.

    1. rotide


      Or you know, it was a scumbag moron who thought they were being clever and smashing the system

    2. Vote Rep #1

      How often do people get arrested for anonymous letters or packages being sent? They hardly put their name or return address on it ffs

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Yeah, it was an inside job to manipulate the public narrative. That’s definitely the rational assumption here. Definitely.

          1. Mr. T.

            Oh what an utterly predictable response.

            Politics in Ireland is dirty. This sort of thing is run of the mill. Ask anyone who works in the background with politicians.

  5. Owen

    What about your one in the photo pushing the pram up to the bomb disposal guys.

    ‘Sure its grand, come on up and have a look. They are always hoax’s these days.’

  6. Chris

    Any muppet with a roll of Sellotape and a bag of talcum powder is a terrorist in waiting these days. Back in the day they would just chuck it in the bin. Does Alan Kelly really think he is important enough to waste good Anthrax on. His statement on the matter is not very statesman like either. What an amateur, he thinks he’s Dirty Harry. It said a lot about him really.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          The sentiment appears to be that you hate the man so much, you’re willing to totally dismiss a death threat. That’s pretty stupid.

          1. Snake

            Chris, do you have sympathy for other people who have received similar packages in the post?

            If so, why?

  7. Chris

    Alan Kelly – ‘then you gotta ask yourself one question, ‘do I feel lucky’, well do you? Punk!’

      1. Keith

        Yes, I think that is exactly the point the sender hoped to convey. A point so correct, you’ve decided to repeat it a few times.

    1. Charley

      Hearsay has it that one possibly was killed by his own as the scandal from his deviant behaviour would have brought down the government at the time. Don’t know if its true or false

  8. Parochial Central

    I’d say it was a well-intended, anonymous gift from a party supporter; talc for a bottom sore as a result of performance.

  9. Truth in the News

    Its seems a bit sinister, every time there’s another water demo, Kelly gets in the
    news too, this time a package, it had to have stamp, it should be easy to locate
    the stamp sales point, indeed a lot of the postal collection boxes are covered by
    CCTV, how come it was not intercepted in the postal system, there is something
    bizarre about all this.

  10. Frilly Keane

    I don’t believe a word ‘ve it

    The Tip thing to do would be
    Spray the ûnt with slurry
    Smack him wi’ya hurl
    Sum’ting like that

    White powder is all very durty tricks back channelling stuff

    Stupid prick was nowhere t’be seen last week
    “the Minister is unavailable”

    What does AKs brudder do again?

  11. TrippyRez

    So here’s the thing. I get that people are annoyed at the current government about Irish Water and they are fully entitled to speak their minds and protest etc. That is the very fabric that democracy is set out on. What I don’t get is these same people who feel that because they don’t agree with something that the whole government is corrupt and therefore it’s ok to threaten members. Whether this is with a hurl as someone mentioned or sending a powder in an envelope to their office – this is never acceptable and if you think that it is, then you’re just shy of condoning shooting them in the street. Just because it turned out to not be a dangerous substance doesn’t make it any less insidious.

    These are the same people who call the Gardai scumbags and yell shame on you at them despite the fact that they have actually got a job to do. The way lots of these people go on you’d swear the Gardai get paid in gold bars and have formed a nice orderly queue to pay their bills. I’m pretty much sure they didn’t. I’m pretty much sure they struggle as much as the next man to pay their bills and the last thing they need is another bill.

    I don’t agree with Irish Water. But I do think that our current infrastructure is in the toilet and needs upgrading. So whatever way you cut it we’re going to have to pay for it. We blame Europe and the government and the previous government for selling us down the river. I don’t hear many people put their hands up and say yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have bought that €600k house when I was only earning €45k a year. Or perhaps they could say “I shouldn’t have bought that €35,000 BMW”. It’s not all everyone elses fault. It’s like the GAA at the weekend. Dublin fans moaning that they would’ve won if only for the ref. Let’s stop passing the buck and realise that some of this issue is of our own making.

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