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Bangor’s Kelly Gallagher and her guide, Charlotte Evans won Britain’s first ever gold at the Winter Paralympics in Sochi yesterday in the visually impaired Super-G competition.

Her mum, Margaret (above, waving a tricolour leprechaun hat) is from Leitrim and her late father was from Donegal, neither a skiing stronghold.

Fair play though, in fairness.

Winter Paralympics 2014: Kelly Gallagher wins Great Britain’s first ever gold medal at Games (Gareth A Davies, Daily Telegraph)

Stuntman Troy Hartman’s aerial test of his personal jetpack made from modified UAV mini jet engines is a bit long winded but pretty spectacular.

In the second video, however, made early last year, he gets straight down to business accelerating to 47mph (76kph) at half throttle on skis.

This will almost certainly feature in a Bond movie someday.