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Could you use a greyhound on your sofa?

Aaron writes:

I’m trying to find a young female greyhound a home in Dublin. Unfortunately, she is at risk of being put down and I’ve been trying hard to avert that from happening.

Sunny is a young greyhound and Ideally she would like to meet a girl her age as she read once, there’s no better best friend to a little girl than a dog, and Sunny would really like to be someone’s best friend.

Failing that, Sunny is happy with anyone who could show her love and affection, and she’s been working really hard to find a good owner, she has all her vaccinations and even a certificate in good behaviour!!

Her hobbies include; running in the park and cuddling on the sofa.

So, if you know anyone who would like to welcome Sunny into their lives or if you think you can be Sunny’s best friend, please contact Kanzi Kamel; 0874603640