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What replaced The Hamlet?

That is the question.


Dublin before The Tiger (David Jazay)


Last night.

On RTÉ’s Claire Byrne Live.

The broadcaster recreated a trip to a hairdressers, a dentist and an Irish pub, the latter via Fair City’s set of McCoy’s, to show what the three settings would be like amid Covid-19 measures.

The programming will continue until morale improves.

Watch back in full here

From top: Vietnom in the back garden of The Glimmerman in Stoneybatter, Dublin 7; Goats Gruff in The Strawberry Hall pub on the Strawberry Beds, Dublin 20 and Village Pizza in The Belfry, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7

The pub craze.

Sweeping the capital.

Via Publin:

A number of pubs have opted to have food trucks and pop-ups operating in the pub or out in the back garden areas to provide food, sometimes on a rotating basis to keep punters well fed.

This provides a lot of variety for the customer and an added selling point for the pub.

It’s worth noting that all of the pop-ups on this list (see link below) have veggie options or are based around a veggie offering. Several of them have good vegan offerings too.


Here’s some of the best pop ups and food trucks in Dublin pubs (Publin)



Guinness Zero

With reference to your article “Afternoon drinkers don’t want early road checks hanging over them” (March 4th), it occurs to me, as a non-drinker who still enjoys a visit to the pub, that the Vinters’ Association, in conjunction with the drinks industry, could do more to expand and introduce more non-alcoholic options of beers, wines and spirits, which would help fight the decline in the falling number of drinkers in our pubs, particularly those in rural areas.

As an advocate of non-alcoholic drinks, I have found over the last few months that there are a number of good non-alcoholic beers available. However, when I visit a pub, there are very few options for sale.

With the possibility of a near-zero alcohol limit, it is time for pubs, restaurants and hotels to gear up and stock a larger range of non-alcoholic alternatives.

I contacted Diageo concerning their product Guinness Zero, a non-alcoholic stout which is widely for sale in Indonesia. It told me there were no plans to launch this brand in Ireland.

However, Diageo is now investing in an alcohol-free martini called Seedlip. Diageo obviously sees the benefit of exploring this market.

And if Heineken can produce Heineken Light, then why not Heineken Zero!

Mary O’Connor,
Co Cork.


Making pubs better for non-drinkers (The Irish Times letters page)