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Startup company Mataio specialises in fusing augmented reality with thermal technology. Their first product concept, ‘thermal touch’ is an imaging system they claim will someday turn any surface into a touch screen display.

For now, it remains a prototype that  Metaio claims will require another five or even ten years before the powerful sensors required are developed.



The Cipher (as yet unreleased from Quirky Labs but with a projected price of $4) is a credit card-shaped stylus with a capacitive edge that works with any touch-screen device and stashes away in your wallet or pocket until you need it.

No more glomming around with your fat fingers in Draw Something.



Dr David Brown demos the Natural User Interface he’s developed for Microsoft Surface 2.0.

Now that’s a touchscreen.



The Reality Touch Theatre at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Optitrack v120 slim cameras, 1000-LED infrared emitters and four computers capable of detecting and processing 100 separate touches at any one time.

Yeah, but can you play Angry Birds on it?

(Video ends at around 1.25, bizarrely)