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They hatin’ (probably).

Last night.

Nolan Live on BBC 1 Northern Ireland.

Nolan Live reporter David Thompson writes:

“Graham Linehan says that he’s been been “cancelled” because of his views on sex and gender issues. In a rare TV interview – rare because he says no-one will touch him now – Graham says his life has been destroyed. He says celebrity friends refused to sign a letter condemning death and rape threats against J.K Rowling – someone who he says has been labelled a bigot without any evidence being presented to that end.

“He says he’s lost his marriage – his plans for a Father Ted musical have been scrapped unless he steps away – and that comedians live under a constant threat of blackmail about ‘crossing a line’ on certain issues.”


Sonia O’Sullivan: Transgender athletes cannot be allowed to compete in women’s sport (Irish Times)

Central Train Station, Kyiv, Ukraine last month

This morning.

Further to Ukraine’s banning of military-aged men from leaving the country…

…via EuroNews:

Members of Ukraine’s transgender community are having trouble fleeing Russia’s bombardment of the country, activists have told Euronews.

They say some are being stopped at the border because the gender markers on their passports or identification documents do not match their actual genders.

Activists say both transgender men and women are facing the problem, but it is a particular problem for the latter.

“The situation is very hard because the LGBTQ+ community was feeling marginalised and discriminated against before the war began,” said Igor Medvid, a coordinator for HPLGBT.

Many people say that when they attempted to cross the border, the border police and the border guards are making their decision based on the gender marker in the passport…and we consider this as another example of lawful transphobia.”


While LGBTQ+ activists in Ukraine have made strides over the past couple of years, there are still many barriers for trans people.

Before 2017, members of the trans community had to spend time supervised in a mental institution before they could begin transitioning.

But while that requirement has been scrapped, people still need an outpatient psychiatric examination to change their gender markers, which could lead to inpatient hospitalisation.

They also have to undergo “irreversible medical intervention”.

‘Lawful transphobia’ stopping Ukraine’s trans community from fleeing (EuroNews)





Transgender activist backs sacked tax expert as Hollywood stars Mark Hamill and Patricia Arquette wade into JK Rowling Twitter row (MailOnline)

JK Rowling in row over court ruling on transgender issues (The Guardian)