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My bike’s just been nicked.

Fergus O’Neil writes:

In my ongoing series of ‘greeting cards for Irish people to express themselves properly’ I’ve produced this Valentines card. A pack of 3 ‘Fancy A Ride’ hand-pulled screen printed cards for the best answer to: Where is the best cycling route to take a loved one on a ride in Ireland?

Lines close at 2pm

Fancy A Ride Card (GrandGrand)

Cards For Irish People To Express Themselves Properly (GrandGrand)

How about Le Cooler?

We have one – yes, ONE – box of Le Cool Dublin’s Box of Cool (Valentine’s Edition) worth a heart-throbbing €25 to give away.

If you only get one box of cool this Valentine’s make sure it’s this one.

Packed to the gills with more damn hipster love-centred accoutrement than is perhaps necessary it tells your loved one, in no uncertain terms: I dig you. You’re cool .

To enter just finish this sentence:

I would like to give my partner a Le Cool box of cool owing to the fact that…

Lines close at 4pm (winner announced at 5pm)

The Le Cool ‘Box of Cool’ (Designist.ie)

Look here, vegetable lovers.

Sainsbury’s is offering shoppers “a whole new way to show your love this Valentine’s Day” with the launch of a heart-shaped cucumber.

Sainsbury’s Elaine Young said: “Valentine’s Day carries such an element of surprise we hope this year’s fun love cucumber will get hearts racing, whether it’s in a romantic packed lunch or a lovingly prepared salad.”

Sainsbury’s sells Valentine heart-shaped cucumbers (Retail Week)

Other stores are just, you know, selling regular-shaped romantic cucumbers. On Valentine’s Day.

pic source