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Homeless charity You’re Not Alone distributing food and clothes to 214 people in Dublin city centre on Tuesday night

A volunteer from the charity writes:

“[Tuesday night] was one of the coldest nights – at 3°C – that we have been out so far this year. It was also one of the hardest nights to pack up to come home, knowing that someone could very well freeze to death on our streets. I hope to god all the hostels are operating to there fullest capacity.”

You’re Not Alone (Facebook)

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Homeless charity You’re Not Alone distributing food and drinks in Dublin last night

You’re Not Alone writes:

“[Last night] we looked after 158 of our homeless friends. It was bitterly cold but at least it was not raining we had seven new volunteers so far this week which is great to see as, even with the weather getting bad, the number of people wanting to help is still increasing. A big thanks to everybody who helps and supports us – as without you all, we really would not be able to help the homeless as much as we do”

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You’re Not Alone (Facebook)