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At St Joseph’s Church, Glasthule, Co Dublin, this morning.

(Photocall Ireland)

Thanks girls. Seriously, if it wasn’t for your help, I’d never have made it up.

That’s right, you just stand over there giggling while I stumble about with this chair stuck to my arse.

We think this photo-set, like the sweet, musky promises of Belmayne.

Is fake.



If you’re a lady. And you shop at Dundrum Shopping Centre
or A-Wear (slides 1-10).

We’re off to TK Maxx.

(Photocall Ireland)

Models: Irma Mali, Sarah Morrisey and Yomiko Chen (all from Assets).


YouTuber TwisterFail usefully compiles the entire August motherlode of Fail in one handy video.

While this is all good, cringe-making, face-planting, nad-mashing stuff, Broadsheet takes strong exception to the inclusion of the first clip in the sequence.

That clip is pure-grade WIN.

In this regard, you fail, TwisterFail.

Ricky Gervais simultaneously presents an award and creates a meme at Sunday night’s Emmys.

The entire speech is hilarious, but the hard-core Bucky Guntery starts at 2.28.


Unplug everything lads.

(Weather forecast for Stradbally, Laois as of this morning)

The David McWilliams of the online weather forecasting business.

Friday night looks nasty.