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Holly writes:

Really sad news. There was an amazing couple of swans [one of them, above, was  featured in a post last month here] by the Leeson Street bridge [Dublin]. They built a cool nest and it was such a pleasure to watch them guarding it. People used to leave them food and just sit and watch them. Today their nest has been destroyed and their eggs robbed. Maybe people have more information or how this kind of thing can be stopped. Swan eggs and meat are delicacies in lots of places – but this is just horrible..


Or bad for “Yes’ and good for ‘No’?

Anoraks Anyone?

An almost literally earth-cooling headline clarification.

Irish Times science editor Dick Ahlstrom explains HeadlineGate (who knew what and when) here.


Shot on the perfect day (last Saturday).

Before, during and after Ireland’s friendly against Bosnia Herzegovina.

Filmed by Shane Caffrey and Jonathan Lambert with music by Kieran Morley.

Via Aviva Stadium.

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A few choice examples from Chris Stever and Jane de Rosa’s Zombie Gnomes collection. The pieces (with adorable names like ‘Legless Larry’ and ‘Gertrude Guts’) cost around €45 each and take 5/6 weeks to mail out due to demand, but check out the backstory:

Something bad has happened in the garden. The once happy garden gnomes have been infected by a strange virus which has turned them into flesh eating monsters. There are only a few survivors left who are desperately trying to stay alive.




An intense promo video for pop-up hipster Jo Macken’s new JoBurger restaurant in Castle Market, Dublin 2.

Damn hoodie-weariNOMNOMNOM

Music By: Power Glove – Streets of 2043

Directed By:Johnny Cullen
Camera: Luke Sweetman
Special Fx Prosthetics – Madonna Bambino
Runner – Jonathan Blayney
Lady – Madonna Bambino
Waistcoat – Dargan Crowley Long
Leather Gang – James Fox and Erik Vaughn
Chefs – Sebastian Salagan and Maciej Waskowski
Dog- Gustav “Gussie” Kwee Vaughn


No cash, favours, fries, etc were given for this post