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Vacated for real by Hurricane Sandy in the last few days, this is New York, digitally voided of its population via Photoshop and After Effects as part of director Ross Ching’s ongoing Empty America series.

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Shining Pumpkin at Fallon and Byrne, Dublin (via Gribers)

Darth Vader, bats and cat (Ken Little).

Say Cheese (Feargal Connors)

Broadsheet Pumpkin Challenge to


What you may need to know:

1. Stitches is the new movie from Dubliner Conor McMahon, who directed Leitrim-lensed mad-cow zombie classic Dead Meat (2004).

2. It stars comic Ross Noble, in his screen debut.

3. It was shot in Dublin.

4. It might just be the best killer clown flick since Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988) and/or Gacy (2003).

5. That said, our favourite killer klown has to be Tim Curry.

Release Date: Out now

Hello you.

Brian Killoran writes:

How about a carved pineapple for the Pumpkin Challenge? They said it couldn’t be done……. (Quite proud of my evil pumpkin too though!)

Broadsheet Pumpkin Challenge to

A Dublin girl divining for her future husband, according to one of the practices outlined in ‘A View of Society and Manners in the North of Ireland’, John Gamble, 1812.

Which sez:

“It is an article of popular belief in Ireland… that if certain ceremonies are performed at midnight on All-Hallows Eve, the person who performs them will see the figure of their future wife or husband…Two girls went out at the dark of the moon, and washed their shifts in running water, in the devil’s name. They hung them before the fire in the room which they lay, keeping awake and silent, as the charm requires. Towards morning, two apparitions came in, and turned them. The one was that of a man with a rope around his neck, the other was that of a man in a coffin. Shortly afterwards, the two girls were married  to men bearing the forms in question.  One of them was hanged for horse-stealing, and the other died the day after his marriage.”


Alternatively, try Psychics Live.

The pic above was among those taken by the Irish Folklore Commission in the 1950s and 60s and housed in the Folklore Photograph Collection, UCD.

Thanks Sibling of Daedalus

Do they still believe in fairytales?

Have they heard Michael Lowry’s Tipp FM interview?

Would they like to go  to the panto this Christmas?

We have one – yes ONE – family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) to see Cinderella at the Gaiety Theatre [Dublin] this Xmas in association with Tayto (spoiler alert: The handsome Prince likes salt ‘n’ vinegar). to give away.

To enter, Just finish this sentence.

The child/children that I know deserves/deserve the panto tickets because…

Lines close at 4.55pm 6pm 8pm

Open to parents, uncles, aunts and godparents

Cinderella at The Gaiety Theatre (with Tayto)

No cash, favours, etc. were given for this post other than the prize

Here’s my entry for your pumpkin competition. I call it ‘The Walken Dead’ (Mark McNamara).

Here’s my attempt at ET..first time decorative carving..isn’t he so cute! (Méabh Maloney)

Broadsheet Pumpkin Challenge to