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A short film by cinematographer Chris Bryan, who worked on BBC’s ‘Blue Planet II’, showing the mesmerising crash and surge of ocean waves in slow motion. Sez he:

I love filming in the ocean more than anything, its not just a job, its a passion. And sometimes its nice just to document waves without surfers riding them. The feeling of jumping off the rocks in the dark by myself just to capture the very first rays of light hitting the ocean without another sole in sight is unexplainable, its one of the most amazing feelings ever, its like my own personal therapy.



Stainless – two videos by Adam Magyar who filmed crowds from the vantage point of trains pulling into platforms at Shinjuku in Tokyo and Grand Central Station, New York. The technique – shooting at (corrected) 56 times normal speed with a high-speed camera – gives the impression that the train is moving at normal speed past almost but not quite motionless people.

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