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This afternoon.

Derrynane, County Kerry.

Steve Hicks, brother of comedy legend Bill Hicks, who will be the star turn at the 7th Public Members Bill’ this Wednesday night in The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

Promoter Johnny Kennan (him off the telly), writes:

This will be the  26th anniversary of Bills passing.

An emotional charged and positive vibration awaits for all  who wants their third eye squiddied clean.

Tickets here

7th Public Members Bill

Happy birthday, Bill Hicks.

Johnny Keenan (him off the telly) writes:

On this day 58 years ago (1961) the saviour of modern comedy was born.

He was a true artist. A musician, songwriter, dark poet and philosopher who used the art of comedy to challenge the hypocrites and pharmacist.

A stand up Comedian, who stood up to politicians and masters of war. Exposing the banality of evil in all its guises, particularly in the ‘entertainment industry’

A truth seeker who went from town to town spreading informed opinion and facts. His voice of reason was greatly ignored in America and often censored.

Large amounts of people were offended because they could not fully understand the message, so the telling of ‘dick jokes’, to make the medicine go down was a necessity.

Many unwise men did not like the message of love, inclusion and peace, so they tried to ‘shut him up’.

Even though he woke many people from their drunken materialistic, war mongering slumber, many still do not believe (including Dara O’Briain) that such a creator and tour de force lived among us for almost 33 years.

It’s reasonable to say, he was a tortured genius, who was crucified by ‘the man’.

In the carefree early 90’s when real rock n roll was played on day time radio Bill Hicks was the king of rock n roll comedy.

His truth love and honesty for his fellow human beings made him the most outspoken voice of his generation and the hottest ticket in town.

I know it might seem weird but offending people especially in power was all the rage back then (listen to Rage Against The Machine, the clue is in the name).

In a time of WTF is WWF and Television Evangelists, Hicks really turned the light switch on, for the ‘jilted generation’.

Before the free information age people had to buy stuff to inform themselves, and by doing that, real artists got paid and could live. Yeah! it was the opposite of stealing. Note to Denis Leary.

We now live in an age where parents and adult children spend ridiculous amounts pf money going to Westlife reunion concerts. The same Westlife that had their ‘music’ used by the CIA, to torture inmates in Guantanamo Bay.

In 2020 get some clear vision. Start now by buying a ticket to The Laughing Stock Comedy Club’s ‘7th Public Members Bill’ at The Sugar Club Dublin on February 26, 2020.

The ideal Xmas present for yourself and your loved ones .

Special guest on the night will be Bill’s brother Steve.

Tickets here

But enough about that.

A date for your diary.

Johnny Keenan (him off the telly) writes:

The Laughing Stock Comedy Club are back with their ‘6th Public Members Bill’.

26th February 2020 is the 26th anniversary of Bill Hicks’ passing and we are honoured to have his brother Steve Hicks (top left with Bill in the 1980s and interviewed in a 2015 documentary, above)) live in The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

Steve will share his own memories, and answer any questions you always wanted answered about the life and times of Bill.

The 3 hour show will also feature live tributes by comedians singers and poets who play from their f**kin heart, video tributes and other surprises. A raffle will take place for a portrait of Bill.

As always a local [ Dublin] charity and Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation will benefit from door and raffle receipts, after costs.

Tickets €17.50 (excluding booking and handling fee) are on sale now (at link below.

Bill Hicks Tribute Night (Sugar Club)

Bill Hicks Tribute (Facebook)


‘Dropping’ tonight.

Johnny Keenan writes:

At some point this evening, RiRa the undisputed King of Irish hip hop will release what is sure to be another belter…

Following on his creative collaboration with life long friend Cras Cass this is the second video the lads worked on, on location in TTown aka Tullamore.

In a week where Offaly celebrated local legend Shane Lowry we still had to wake up to the reality of more jobs being culled and none look likely to be created.

It’s good to be brought back to earth with a little bit of Offaly levity. Thanks to RiRa and Crass Cass.

In the meantime feel free to check out RiRa’s YouTube channel where 110 packages of pure passion and serious talent await the curious and creative…

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Shannon Airport.

Johnny Keenanwrites:

On looking at the video above you will see exactly how peaceful and passionate people can make a difference.

Watch closely as the great peace activist Margaretta D’arcy still challenges the illegal use of Shannon Airport by American War Mongers, with the help of the docile Fine Gael Irish government.

There is something missing though.

Young vibrant people who should be where Margaretta D’arcy is. She is there to defend the rights of all the young people who for some reason don’t seem to care.

We care about climate change. Well war is the biggest cause of climate change.

So get on and cop on, and let everyone you know, know that in order for Ireland to move forward, we have to get peaceful and mobile.

The next Shannon Airport Protest Vigil takes place on Sunday 14th July, then Sunday 11th August. Much respect to the Shannon Watch Peace Camp Activists who are truly the conscience of the Irish people.

Johnny Keenan (Facebook)


He’s back!

Further to Liverpool’s astonishing four goal Champions League victory over Barcelona last night.

Johnny Keenan writes;

Cork’s biggest Liverpool fan Kevin Murphy aka Richy Sheehy came to world wide recognition last year with his viral hit ‘Salah’.

A one off never to be achieved again, we thought.

UNTIL last night when the genius came up [on US sports site Bleacher Report] with what can only be described as divine inspiration.

With the melody of ABBA’s  Dancing Queen, Richie prophetically warbles: ‘We’re going to beat Messi/by more than three/in the Champions League…’

Thanks to the possibility of Kevin been able to tune in to another dimension for fortuitous inspiration, Liverpool have got to another Champions League final and their first premiership title in 31 years now also seems possible.


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A reminder.

A concert organised by Offaly Good Vibes commemorating the life of John Lennon in aid of the Simon Community will be held at Tullamore Food Fayre, Kilcruttin Business Park, Tullamore, County Offaly at 12-2pm.

Tullamore Food Fayre, Kilcruttin Business Park

Johnny Keenan, of Offaly Good Vibes  (and ‘Broadsheet on the Telly‘ fame) writes:

Last month the world stood together to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of ‘the war to end all wars’. Ironically today we have more wars and more mass killing than ever before.

In 1969 when Vietnam war was at its height. John Lennon and Yoko Ono decided to publicise peace. It was an artistic humanist and active project that they would work at for 3 years.

Starting with a bed-in for peace on their honeymoon in a hotel room in Amsterdam with a simple and subtle message in a song ‘Give Peace a Chance’.

They took to the streets of cities all across America affirming ‘Power To The People’. Then hit home the message in 1972 with a massive worldwide billboard campaign ‘ War Is Over! (if you want)’ followed by arguably the ultimate Xmas song.

John & Yoko were two informed intelligent and idyllic people who saw the world for what it is. A planet run by corporate greed against human need. They gave their money and time for the greater good.

Offaly Good Vibes  will be sending a message from the heart of Ireland tomorrow, Saturday, December, 8, the 38th anniversary of John Lennon’s death

This is positive vibe for all the family and is run to raise much needed funds for Midlands Simon Community.

Give Peace A Chance Concert (Facebook)

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Free Saturday?

A concert commemorating the life of John Lennon in aid of the Simon Community at Tullamore Food Fayre, Kilcruttin Business Park, Tullamore, County Offaly at 12-2pm.

Johnny Keenan, of ‘Broadsheet on the Telly‘ fame, writes:

‘Another Offaly Good Vibration – Give Peace A Chance’ will take place next Saturday 8th December in Tullamore Food Fayre, Kilcruttin Business Park, Tullamore.

An array of Offaly talented singers and poets will come together to perform original compositions and pay tribute to John Lennon on the 38th anniversary of his death.

This is positive vibe for all the family and is run to raise much needed funds for Midlands Simon Community.

Give Peace A Chance Concert (Facebook)

Kenny Tynan

On Monday

Kenny Tynan, who has a brain tumour and obtained a licence for cannabis oil but has been told his cost will not be reimbursed, wrote on his FB page:

“”d like to thank Prof. Micheal Barry of St James for my wonderful totally avoidable seizure last night. It was traumatic for my wife and my 11 yr old son.

Traumatic in the sense that at any time they could be fatal for me. I wouldn’t mind but I had taken my conventional anti convulsant about 40 mins before I seized. Goes to show how well they are working.

Waiting over 3 weeks for a response to an appeal that blew his reasons for denial of reimbursement out of the water.

You would think the money was coming out of his own pocket. Just over a month left on my licence too…’

Yesterday, Kenny wrote:

“An Angel has stepped forward last minute and offered to pay for my medicinal cannabis. Thank you heavenly Father for putting this person in my path. The world works in mysterious ways. Namaste.’

Kenny Tyanan (Facebook)

Johnny Keenan writes:

This is indeed a great day for Kenny. That is 100% well deserved. Never underestimate what good people are watching and listening from the sidelines and want to make a substantial difference when and where they can.

However its another dark day for Simon Harris Fine Gael government and more importantly thousands of other Irish citizens who need and want the right to use medical cannabis.

A right that is afforded to most of our brothers and sisters across the western world but unfairly ignored by our corporate government.

It is extremely important to remember that Professor Michael Barry Consultant at St James’s hospital Dublin stated to Kenny that his recommendation would be that the Irish health Board and or HSE would not be in a position to pay for the Medical Cannabis Kenny required.

They (sorry the Irish tax payer) would still be in a position to continue to pay for anticonvulsant pharmaceutical drugs. The same drugs that don’t seem to be working for Kenny and have side effects for him.

The question now is and still remains why would Irish consultants whose salaries are paid for by the Irish tax payer and working on behalf of our HSE give licences to people in need of medical cannabis and then expect them to pay thousands of euro to receive this medicine.

Then to add insult to injury expect these patients of cannabis to travel outside their country to get that medicine.

So let’s please make a concerted effort to force pressure on our legislators to sign into law ASAP that Irish citizens have the right to use medical cannabis at a reasonable cost to them and the Irish people.

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