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Sarah Keane writes:

My (mini) contribution to the tricolour effort in my Copenhagen office. Once I put it up last week, I was informed that ‘flag etiquette’ in Denmark says you can’t ‘fly’ (ahem, stick on your computer) a foreign flag without the Danish flag above it. Having lived in Scandinavia for a while, I felt compelled to obey the rules but made a smaller and even more wonky Danish flag.
Unfortunately everybody is too overjoyed having beaten the Dutch to notice my defiance. Damn them and their warranted national excitement.


Defiant Tricolours to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie


Denmark has demanded an explanation from the Israeli government for video footage showing a senior Israeli army officer striking a Danish activist in the face with an M16 rifle, an act which has been sharply criticised by the Israeli prime minister, president and chief of staff.

Andreas Ias, 20, was part of a large group of European pro-Palestinian activists cycling near Jericho on Saturday when, according to Palestinian media reports, the IDF stopped the participants. Israel said the protesters were attempting to block the road.

Israeli Soldier Clubs Danish Protester With Rifle (Guardian)

To the two “no-show’ tables from last night.

Nobody messes with the world’s greatest restaurant.

Thanks Bibi Baskin Robbins