zaha-hadid-iwan-baan-jockey-club-innovation-tower-designboom-01 zaha-hadid-iwan-baan-jockey-club-innovation-tower-designboom-02 zaha-hadid-iwan-baan-jockey-club-innovation-tower-designboom-06 zaha-hadid-iwan-baan-jockey-club-innovation-tower-designboom-07 zaha-hadid-iwan-baan-jockey-club-innovation-tower-designboom-10

Hong Kong’s ‘jockey club innovation tower’ – home to the city’s Polytechnic University School of Design, captured in all it’s eye-bending, interstellar-cruise-liner-looking asymmetric glory by renowned architectural photographer Iwan Baan.

Completed in mid 2013 and designed by the Iraqi British architect Zaha Hadid for a city where space is at a premium, the tower has 15 1000m³ storeys rising up from an irregularly shaped narrow plot of land.